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My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst

My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst – With everything that has happened over the past year and a half I find myself feeling very grateful. For everything, especially my two little superstar children! I have mentioned our lockdown photoshoots before and I thought I would share one of my favourite moments. I set up my beautiful home studio in my own home this time to capture some portraits of my children.

This photograph means so much to me. It completely sums up their relationship in one beautiful, fun and happy portrait. A simple moment, a split second actually! When my son playfully jumped onto his sisters back in a fit of giggles! I have loved watching their relationship blossom over the years. How gently nurturing and encouraging my daughter is with her younger brother. She has taught him so much and especially over the past year the art of playing creatively. She has always been able to make a game out of nothing or the most unexpected objects! You can spend a fortune on toys but ultimately children will play with the simplest of things. It is always amazing to see what truly captures their imagination and lasts the playtime of their childhood.

For me this picture captures their energy and it will always be displayed in our home. It makes me smile every time I walk past it. It brings me so much happiness! Reminding me of the importance of taking family portraits and the love that these pictures bring into the heart of the home.

Today I am preparing for a newborn photoshoot in Lewisham, South East London. My other home! Both of my children were born at Lewisham hospital which is hugely significant for me. I didn’t grow up in Lewisham, on the contrary I grew up on the very small little southern Island – The Isle of Wight.

However my Mum is a Londoner and her parents, my Grandparents were from Catford and Lewisham. They even got married in a beautiful church in Catford which is sadly no longer there. I often think of the passing of time and how we have come full circle. My Grandparents – Great grandchildren being born and growing up in South East London. I wish they were here to see us. my Grandad was a great pianist and used to play the london pubs on a Friday night. Proper Londoners by all accounts and what I wouldn’t give to go back in time to witness this! We do have some photographs though which have frozen a part of our family history in time.

This is one of amoung many reasons family photographs are important to me. I could go on! But for now I must get ready to leave for my next photoshoot.

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Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London

Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London – aren’t tiny newborn feet, toes, hands, fingers, ears, noses, eyelashes and lips beautiful! As a new Mum I would stare endlessly at my little ones perfect features. Marvelling at how I had spent 9 months making this incredible new person inside me.

I love capturing these little details in my newborn photography sessions. For this picture I asked Mum & Dad to gently cup their new babies feet inside their hands. ” Like a clam ” I said and that’s how this shot feels to me. Like a protective shell around the babies little toes. I love the detailing of mums blouse in this picture, I can visualise it mounted and framed on their wall. Pride of place, nestled amoung their other precious memories.

I have a few detailed shots like these that I took of my children’s hands and feet that I love to look back at. I took numerous shots of my daughters feet over the years. How they dangled from the chair and got closer to the floor with each passing year. Now they are firmly on the ground. How did that happen! From small little dolly shoes chosen by me to the on trend trainer she chooses now for herself. I am journeying as a parent and holding close my precious memories whilst making sure I cherish the now. As we grow s a family and change shape constantly. The pictures I will look back at with her often.

My son still seems small to me at only 6 years old. He is the baby of the family but already fiercely independent! Isn’t it wonderful seeing the personalities of your children develop? Part of the gift of being a parent.

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For the families I photograph I want to capture all of these feelings for them. I try to do it every time! I also love to get to know them during their sessions and add a little of them into each picture.

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Tiny details and perfect toes - Newborn Photography in London


Newborn Photography Greenwich SE10

It is always a pleasure to be asked to photograph a newborn baby in London and I loved heading over to Greenwich SE10 for this newborn photography session. Greenwich is one of my favourite pockets of London and holds many memories for me with my own children. From marching round Greenwich park to get them to sleep in their buggies when they were tiny babies. To flying kites in the park and playing in the playground. Not forgetting of course many an afternoon spent in the National Maritime Museum with the countless things to do and see!

I love the view across London from the top of the park and then running down the hill with my children! We recently visited the painted Hall to see Gaia which was absolutely incredible! Definitely worth a visit if there is still time and to enjoy London as it slowly reopens.

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to a beautiful handmade frame for this one and his family. I love this shot that they chose amoung others for their bespoke album, frame and digital image package. I just love cherished moments like these, pictures that will bring the family so much happiness over the coming years.

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Newborn Photography Greenwich SE10


Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Capturing the first precious cuddles between a mother and baby portrait photography session is truly a wonderful experience. This tender moment is frozen in time. To be looked back on and treasured for years to come. I often find it hard to find the right words for my blogs. But perhaps the image says it all!

I am very happy to share this wonderful image and the kind words I am so grateful to have received below.

Lovely review with thanks:

” Elle produced the most wonderful photos of our newborn daughter. We are over the moon with the final portfolio. Elle was amazing with our baby – she soothed her better than we could (the baby whisperer!) and was extremely calm, patient and also lovely company. We did not feel rushed at all and the whole photoshoot revolved around our daughter’s needs, leaving time for changing, feeding etc. We would highly recommend Elle and I would love to book another shoot when our daughter is a bit older! ” 

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

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Children’s portrait Photographer London

Children’s Portrait Photographer London

Even though I have entitled this post Children’s Portrait Photographer London. This picture was actually taken during a pregnancy photoshoot in Kensington.

And what a wonderful treat it was to photograph this lovely young gentleman and his sister. Their Mum told me that she hadn’t had maternity pictures when she was expecting her first two children. She had also missed out on newborn pictures after their births. For this reason, it was very important to her that she captured her third pregnancy and the arrival of the newest member to their family with special family portraits.

This can so often be the case and I can relate to this. When you are expecting your first baby, the list of things to think about is endless. Sometimes you forget to capture what is truly a special time. This is why it is wonderful for me when I am asked to photograph a second, third, fourth or even fifth pregnancy!  Each pregnancy is truly unique and there is always a multitude of reasons why my clients have chosen to capture that special time.

When there are older children it is wonderful to include them in the photoshoot. After all, it is about connecting the whole family. During every photoshoot I do I will always make time for individual portraits.

After our pregnancy photoshoot, I returned to photograph their beautiful new baby brother! What a treat for me! There are so many that I love from these photoshoots that I will no doubt share some more soon. If you would like to see some I have actually already added a few to my Instagram page. If you would like to follow me you can do so here 

I generally update my social media pages a little more frequently as it is quicker to do so when I’m on the go!

Taking Children’s Portraits

When you take a portrait there is always an important connection between the photographer and the person they are photographing. With children I always want them to feel happy and relaxed. It comes across so much better in the photographs when the smile isn’t forced. This is why I chat a lot before the session, whilst I’m setting up etc. I try to engage with them straight away and to work out what makes them happy. It is very funny to think of some of the conversations I have had! Perhaps one day I’ll make a book of them. “Conversations with a Children’s Photographer!”

There is nothing better than getting to know young people or returning for a future photoshoot and being greeted like an old friend! I am so grateful for all of these moments. It is a gift to get to meet so many families across London, Surrey & Kent.

I like to create natural portraits, pictures that capture in an instant something of that person. It’s wonderful when it happens. There is no one who knows their children better than the parents. This is why I always provide a good selection of portraits in the viewing gallery. The final edit and choices are always made by the family. There will be something, a certain smile, a look, a giggle that instantly connects them to the portrait. That’s what makes it special.


Children's Portrait Photographer London

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Photography in the comfort of your home

Photography in the comfort of your home

A beautiful newborn baby photographed at home at just three weeks old.  Sleeping peacefully throughout our photoshoot, this little one was an absolutely perfect baby model!

I have been honoured to have been asked to photograph three newborn babies for this family over the years and so as you can imagine I have many favourite pictures from their selections.

There is no better compliment as a photographer than being asked back repeatedly to capture special moments like these. I will be sharing some more from this session and others on my Instagram page which is updated more frequently.

Please follow me for regular updates Elle_Fallon

Newborn Photography in the comfort of your home

Family Photography – what it means to me

It’s a wonderful gift to be able to do what you love and to give people something to cherish for the rest of their lives.  I started Elle Fallon Photography over ten years ago now. It grew out of my love of photography and wanting to offer something truly and special and unique to families.

With each passing year, my appreciation of family photography grows stronger. It comes with experience but even more so as I watch my children grow. Childhood is so incredible and so very fleeting. I have lots of talks with my daughter about this at the moment!

The photographs I have taken of them over the years are lovingly displayed in albums and frames around my home. A little git for me and for them and for future generations of our family. They genuinely bring me so much joy every day. A reminder of our special times and their beautiful faces!

During the lockdown, I made sure that I took the time to photograph my children. I was so happy to capture them as they are now. There is a simplicity to black & white photography that I have always loved. The energy between my two came across beautifully in the pictures and I couldn’t wait to add them to the collection of cherished pictures around my home. They also made fantastic gifts for Grandparents and family, particularly as we hadn’t seen them for so long.

New beginnings ..

“There is sweetness in bitter leaf, at the end” – a Yoruba proverb that means good things can come out of unpleasant experiences.

This resonated with me when I read it in an interview with Emeka Frederick of Chuku’s restaurant for Time Out London

We have all been through so much over this past year. I am grateful to be able to be here with my family and I am very happy to be preparing for reopening on the 12th April 2021

Returning to what I love to do most with a Spring in my step and hope for the year ahead. I can’t wait to meet you all!

For bookings please contact me via my booking enquiry page

Simply fill in your details and I will be in touch within 24 hours to assist with your booking.

Children’s Portrait Photographer

Children’s Portrait Photographer

I love working as a children’s portrait photographer and returning to photograph families year after year. This beautiful picture was taken at a newborn photoshoot for her baby brother. It is the third time I have been happily invited to photograph them at their home in Islington.

Each time is a wonderful celebration of the new addition to their family. The pictures I have taken over the years are lovingly displayed around their home. Providing the sweetest reminder for them to cherish.

The children greeted me with bright smiles and much excitement with the eldest remembering me from the last time. He had many questions and wanted to help me set up! Arriving with my portable studio provides a great adventure for the day. The photoshoot is as much about creating happy memories of the day and experience as the beautiful pictures that follow. I like to keep everything relaxed and fun. My approach is to gently encourage them to want to participate. There is no rush or time pressure, I like to allow children to play, dress up and dance around as much as possible. Things can get a little hectic but it all adds to capturing special moments and their true personalities.

I love the positioning of her arms in this picture and the gentle contemplation on her face. A thoughtful & natural portrait that captures her at this tender age. I have many beautiful shots of them together and some capture that childhood energy in one shot! I’ve added a few more to my instagram

Please do stop by to have a look for more examples of recent work. You will find this page is regularly updated with pictures from recent photoshoots.

Childhood Portraits

I am currently taking 2021 provisional bookings for the Spring with dates from April onwards. If you would like to discuss your photoshoot with me please contact me via my booking page

I will always aim to reply within 24 hours and would love to hear from you.

Elle x

Newborn Portrait Photographer

Newborn Portrait Photographer

I’ve been getting lots of requests for colour newborn portraits recently so I wanted to add a few here. This gorgeous newborn portrait would look equally beautiful in black & white. It’s the same classic pose that I love to do. Natural, comfortable and without too many distractions. I love the oversized flower hat which is a regular feature at my newborn sessions as it really makes them look extra tiny!

I bring a suitcase of delicate handmade outfits for your baby to each photoshoot. Every item is handpicked by me and handmade using the softest yarns perfect for babies sensitive skin. As these outfits are handmade to order they are each unique. I even have some beautiful new items made lovingly by my own Mum which I can’t wait to use at my next photoshoots.

Everything is gently washed by hand and carefully packed fresh before each photoshoot. Needless to say that extra care, time and preparation is required before each photoshoot which is why I limit the number of sessions I take on each month. For this reason, early booking is highly recommended.

If for any reason you have missed the newborn age slot please don’t worry. Whatever age you choose to capture your family will be truly unique and special. After all, they will only be that little once.

I love photographing children of all ages and I would love to hear from you to discuss your photoshoot. Please contact me for availability and details here


Newborn Portrait Photographer

Newborn, baby and one-year-old photography London

Newborn, baby and one-year-old photography London

This is one of the most wonderful parts of my work for me. Photographing a little one from newborn to the 6 months to the all-important one-year-old celebration birthday!

I love to create beautiful portraits that capture this incredible time. Perfect to look back on in years to come and to be treasured by all the family.

This series shows some beautiful colour options for your pictures. With each photoshoot I will include a mix of colour with black & white image options. These actually work just as well in black & white as they do in colour but I also love the colour tones in these.

Isn’t it wonderful to see how she changes over the first year. From tiny newborn to sweet smiling baby and beautiful one-year-old girl! I love the picture with her Mum as the final one in this series. For me, the first birthday of my daughter felt like a big celebration. Not just because she had reached one year but because I had made it through all the changes and challenges. I grew so much that year, I think all parents do. You all grow and learn together as a family. The end of the first year is also the new beginning. The start of the next stage and the wonderful toddler years! The chatterbox years and the start of the next big adventure!

If you would like more information please do contact me via my booking enquiry page. I would love to hear from you and discuss what you would like from your photoshoot.

To make life as easy as possible for you I will travel to your home with my portable studio. I have everything that is needed to create a beautiful calm, newborn and family studio in your home.

Newborn Photoshoot

6-month baby photoshoot

One-year-old photoshoot

Baby Twin Photographer London

Baby Twin Photographer London

There is a special magic that takes place when photographing newborn twins. As a photographer, it really is a special and rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot about twins over the years from observing them during these photoshoots. Even though these sessions do often take longer the results are always worth the extra patience.

These two little darlings were a pure joy from start to finish. I feel so lucky to have captured this fleeting moment in time for them and their family. Isn’t it amazing to think of them curled up like this inside their mother just under two weeks before our photoshoot. I’m so glad that this image captures that incredible bond. The unbreakable twin bond. The indestructible sister bond. What a wonderful friendship these two will have and what adventures to come!

Baby Twin Photography

Twin Baby Photographer London

Health & Wellbeing

Now more than ever, I feel very fortunate to be able to provide families with the convenient option of capturing pregnancy, newborn & family portraits in the safe and controlled environment of their own home.  My top priority has always been and continues to be the health and safety of the families I photograph.

As well as my usual high standards of hygiene during each photoshoot I have taken time to add additional precautions to mitigate any risk for your family and myself.

Photoshoot procedure
  • I have always and will continue to schedule only one photoshoot per day which will allow time to fully clean and sanitise all my props and equipment after each photoshoot.  You can also choose to provide your own outfits and props for your baby if you prefer and I am always happy to discuss the best options.
  • I will wash my hands thoroughly on arrival at your home and frequently throughout the photoshoot.
  • I will use my own hand sanitiser throughout the session.
  • All family members taking part are also requested to frequently wash their hands and use sanitiser to maintain hygiene through the session.
  • On arrival at your home I will remove my shoes and leave them at your front door.
  • I will also wear a fresh face mask and clean new cotton gloves when handling your baby during each session.
  • Your private viewing appointment for image selection after your photoshoot will be conducted via zoom.
  • If I am unwell I will postpone your photoshoot for the recommended safe amount of time.
  • If you or a member of your family are unwell please let me know with as much notice as possible to reschedule your photoshoot.
  • I will continue to monitor the Government guidelines to ensure I am always up to date.
  • Session dates may need to change if appropriate and I will provide flexibility for rescheduling dates.

I hope this will give you the peace of mind to pre-book your session.

If you would like to keep up to date with my recent work and information you may like to follow me on Instagram or like me on facebook 

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