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Baby Photography in Islington N1

Baby Photoshoot in Islington N1

I recently had a wonderful baby photography session in Islington with this beautiful 7 and a half month old baby boy. It is an absolute joy to photograph babies at all stages during the first year with each milestone bringing a new development and chapter to their personality. When I am contacted to ask “what is the right time to photograph my baby?” my answer is always any time!

This family were sad that they missed out on the newborn photoshoot due to other commitments and adjusting to becoming a new family. I reassured them that we would be able to capture equally beautiful moments of their baby at this age. Pictures that celebrate him as a 7 and a half month baby. Full of character and fun!

Baby Photography in Islington with a 7 month old baby

At this age I always arrange a time of day that works with the babies natural pattern of naps and feeds. Arranging to arrive at a time of day that works for the family. If everything has gone out the window that day in terms of nap times etc (as it often does!) there is no stress as I only book one photoshoot per day and I am always happy to wait whilst baby is fed and even has an extra nap. In fact this often provides the perfect opportunity for some beautiful nap-time photographs!

The photograph I’ve chosen for my blog today just sums up this photoshoot so well! I absolutely love his cheeky expression. It was such a thrill to photograph him and to capture this special shot.

What I love about photographing this age is the different shots that can be achieved. As well as family portraits, mother & baby photography and father & baby photography. I am able to photograph the baby sitting down. These are often referred to by baby photographers as sitting sessions. I like to experiment with different positions, finding what makes the baby happiest.

Baby photoshoots are lots of fun. Of course most of the time we are all being very silly just trying to coax those smiles out and make the little one laugh!

Being in their own home environment helps the baby to feel calm, safe and relaxed. I love to bring my photography studio into the home of the families I photograph. Making life as easy as possible.

Baby photography memories captured for your home

Photographs like these deserved to be beautifully framed and hung on the wall. To make you smile every time you walk past. The family have chosen some wonderful pictures including this one and many more. A mixture of black and white baby photography and colour baby photography was included with this session. I can’t wait to see the finished prints hanging on the wall in their home.

I’ve recently received this lovely feedback from the family following our photoshoot. You can read it here with other google reviews 

I can’t wait to update my website with lots of my 2022 baby photoshoots when I have some more time but for now for the most up to date gallery please do check out my instagram page

For baby photography details please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you and meet your family soon x

Family photography Dulwich

Family photography Dulwich

The sweetest big sister photographed at her home in Dulwich with her newborn baby sister.

As a family photographer I am so lucky to get to experience moments like this. Sharing in the joy of a new member of the family. It is the greatest privilege to be invited into the family home to photograph precious moments like these.

When I meet children I want them to feel at ease straight away. My aim is to help everyone to feel relaxed and to ensure the photoshoot is a wonderful experience for the entire family. With an 11 year old daughter myself I felt an instant connection with this little girl. She was natural in front of the camera and with her new baby sister. She became a valued photography assistant!

When I work with older children and newborns it is truly magical. They are able to engage and to hold the new baby with care and ease. We chatted and giggled throughout this photoshoot and it was wonderful to photograph the two sisters together. I can imagine these two being inseparable, can’t you?

The results of this photoshoot took my breath away and it is with thanks to this wonderful little girl for her ease in front of the camera. The family chose a beautiful handmade album with digital images for their favourite pictures. What a true treasure to have!

For details of my family albums, hand crafted frames, cards, prints and professionally prepared digital images, which are all in addition to the session fee, please contact me for a price list.

I would like to thank the family for their wonderful review following our photoshoot!

“Elle is an amazing photographer. She is gentle, kind and professional. She is very good with babies and handled our baby very well. My babies pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Elle for being a supper photographer!” 

Newborn Baby Photographer Dulwich

Newborn Baby Photographer Dulwich

As it is close to Easter I thought I would share this darling picture of a newborn baby girl with my little hand knitted bunny! Isn’t it sweet the way her face is turned upwards towards the bunny, as if she is about to give him a little kiss or share a secret or two!

I believe that newborn photography should be simple and natural. I tend not to use too many props in my photographs but I’m not against a sweet little hat, headband or sweet little toy to add to the image. In this case it’s a little bunny! I have a suitcase of newborn accessories that I bring to each photoshoot. Everything I use is handmade and made with the softest, gentlest wools to ensure comfort for your newborn. many of you ask where I buy my wonderful outfits and little toys and I’m happy to be able to share the details with you! I can’t recommend her enough! Everything I use is from the wonderful and very talented Knitlandia

Please do check out her Etsy page. Each item is handmade to order so you do have to wait whilst she works her magic. It’s well worth the wait!

The start of this year has been incredible. I can’t believe how many babies I have already photographed and we are only a quarter through the year! I will be sharing more on my blog and instagram / facebook pages when I have a few moments. I’m incredibly grateful to the families I have met so far. It is wonderful to be invited into their homes at such a special time. Here are a few of the kind words I’ve received so far this year: Elle Fallon Reviews

Thank you for looking, I hope to meet you & your family soon!

Wishing you all a very happy Spring break!

Elle x

Newborn Photography in Greenwich

Newborn Photography in Greenwich

There are so many beautiful moments of calm during a newborn photography session. This picture sums those moments up perfectly for me. Also how these precious moments as a parent feel. You wait for ages (or so it feels!) for your newborn to finally rest their weary eyes and then when they do fall asleep you spend that time staring in awe at them or looking through photographs of them. They are just too precious and to quote another parent recently “newborns are pure magic!”

This picture with the two little teddy bears reminds me of a story book. It’s as if they are going on an adventure together. Of course Michale Rosens classic “We’re going on a bear hunt” springs to mind! I read this countless times with my children over the years and sang it as we walked through parks, woods and holding their little hands as they skipped along the wall. the most beautiful memories that will stay in my heart always. Which is why I entitled this picture ‘Bear Hunt’ on my Elle_Fallon instagram page. Do head over there to see some recent pictures from this and many other newborn photoshoots. I would love to receive your comments and please do follow me for more up to date work.

I can imaging this picture in a beautiful frame on the nursery wall or lovingly displayed in his Grandparents homes. Passed down to future generations and treasured by his parents forever. I’m so happy I was able to capture it for them.

As a London photographer I’m used to travelling to all corners of London and even some parts of Surrey & Kent. I do love south East London though which has been my home for over 20 years since I first moved to this beautiful city from the tiny far away Isle of the Isle of Wight. With Greenwich as one of my absolute favourite corners for a multitude of reasons that those who love Greenwich will know! One of the main reasons is of course the endless days I have spent there with my own children. Exploring the parks, soaking in the history and meeting with friends & families. I don’t think I could ever tire of Greenwich.

As I’m always travelling through different parts of London to visit the families I photograph, I do also get to explore a little. After 11 years of family photography I feel I know lots of corners and pockets of this incredible city. Aren’t we lucky that with every turn we feel we are walking the steps of so many great people before us. With each cobbled street and building telling a story of past travellers, writers, artists, photographers, families, traders and explorers! I could get lost in this city for hours and have done and hope to continue to do so.

I wonder what the adventures of this little one will bring!

Bear Hunt

For newborn photography bookings I recommend contacting me as soon as possible after your 20 week scan. I can then make sure that I reserve a space for you around your due date. There are occasionally last minute spaces available so if your baby has already arrived please do get in touch. Contact me via my booking page and I’d be happy to help

Family Portrait Photographer London & Kent

Family Portrait Photographer London & Kent

To kick off my first blog for 2022 and indeed almost for an entire year! I’ve chosen a beautiful family moment from a recent newborn photography session in London. I love travelling to the homes of the families I photograph. It provides the perfect intimate setting, helps to keep everyone relaxed and makes life easy for the new parents which is always my intention! As I bring my portable studio with me, lighting and a suitcase of newborn outfits, I really am able to create a newborn photography studio in any home.

A question I’m frequently asked is “can we have family photographs during the newborn session?”. The answer is of course 100% “yes!”. I’m also more than happy to include Grandparents and older siblings. Even the family pet has been known to make an appearance! So often now that I am considering adding pet portraits to my website!

The way I format my photoshoots is to work with the baby and that means it is a baby led newborn photoshoot. This means that at different stages I will encourage parents to hold their newborn for intimate family portraits like this or individual parent shots. I love mother & baby portraits and father and baby photography. It’s a big part of the session and also some of the most treasured photographs for the family. Then with a little time, patience and baby magic I work towards those beautiful sleepy newborn poses. Always with gentle ease and consideration to the newborns safety and comfort.

I book only one photoshoot per day. I do this for so many reasons but mainly so that the photoshoot is never rushed. It is important to me that the family I am photographing enjoys the experience as much as the results.

This picture makes me so happy when I look at it. I remember this moment in our photoshoot and both parents look truly happy and relaxed. Their precious new baby gently squished in the middle of their hug. A wonderful moment in time.

Family Portrait, London

I have been quiet on my blog recently, purely because life has taken over a little and I’ve found more time to update my instagram page with new work and less time to update my website. As we head into March 2022 I intend to start building and adding some new content on here. If you would like to view some of the beautiful maternity, newborn, baby and family photoshoots I’ve been working on recently please do head over to my instagram page Elle_Fallon where you can view my gallery of images.

Mothers Day Gift Vouchers

My ever popular mothers day gift vouchers are back for 2022. We are now on a count down to the special day! For details please contact me via my contact page

You can also purchase gift vouchers directly via my online shop 

For any specific packages and requests please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you and help plan your Mothers Day gift for that special day!

My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst

My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst – With everything that has happened over the past year and a half I find myself feeling very grateful. For everything, especially my two little superstar children! I have mentioned our lockdown photoshoots before and I thought I would share one of my favourite moments. I set up my beautiful home studio in my own home this time to capture some portraits of my children.

This photograph means so much to me. It completely sums up their relationship in one beautiful, fun and happy portrait. A simple moment, a split second actually! When my son playfully jumped onto his sisters back in a fit of giggles! I have loved watching their relationship blossom over the years. How gently nurturing and encouraging my daughter is with her younger brother. She has taught him so much and especially over the past year the art of playing creatively. She has always been able to make a game out of nothing or the most unexpected objects! You can spend a fortune on toys but ultimately children will play with the simplest of things. It is always amazing to see what truly captures their imagination and lasts the playtime of their childhood.

For me this picture captures their energy and it will always be displayed in our home. It makes me smile every time I walk past it. It brings me so much happiness! Reminding me of the importance of taking family portraits and the love that these pictures bring into the heart of the home.

Today I am preparing for a newborn photoshoot in Lewisham, South East London. My other home! Both of my children were born at Lewisham hospital which is hugely significant for me. I didn’t grow up in Lewisham, on the contrary I grew up on the very small little southern Island – The Isle of Wight.

However my Mum is a Londoner and her parents, my Grandparents were from Catford and Lewisham. They even got married in a beautiful church in Catford which is sadly no longer there. I often think of the passing of time and how we have come full circle. My Grandparents – Great grandchildren being born and growing up in South East London. I wish they were here to see us. my Grandad was a great pianist and used to play the london pubs on a Friday night. Proper Londoners by all accounts and what I wouldn’t give to go back in time to witness this! We do have some photographs though which have frozen a part of our family history in time.

This is one of amoung many reasons family photographs are important to me. I could go on! But for now I must get ready to leave for my next photoshoot.

For childrens portraits please do get in touch via my contact page 

Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London

Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London – aren’t tiny newborn feet, toes, hands, fingers, ears, noses, eyelashes and lips beautiful! As a new Mum I would stare endlessly at my little ones perfect features. Marvelling at how I had spent 9 months making this incredible new person inside me.

I love capturing these little details in my newborn photography sessions. For this picture I asked Mum & Dad to gently cup their new babies feet inside their hands. ” Like a clam ” I said and that’s how this shot feels to me. Like a protective shell around the babies little toes. I love the detailing of mums blouse in this picture, I can visualise it mounted and framed on their wall. Pride of place, nestled amoung their other precious memories.

I have a few detailed shots like these that I took of my children’s hands and feet that I love to look back at. I took numerous shots of my daughters feet over the years. How they dangled from the chair and got closer to the floor with each passing year. Now they are firmly on the ground. How did that happen! From small little dolly shoes chosen by me to the on trend trainer she chooses now for herself. I am journeying as a parent and holding close my precious memories whilst making sure I cherish the now. As we grow s a family and change shape constantly. The pictures I will look back at with her often.

My son still seems small to me at only 6 years old. He is the baby of the family but already fiercely independent! Isn’t it wonderful seeing the personalities of your children develop? Part of the gift of being a parent.

Book your newborn session

For the families I photograph I want to capture all of these feelings for them. I try to do it every time! I also love to get to know them during their sessions and add a little of them into each picture.

For newborn photography session details in London, Kent and surrey please contact me via my booking page 

Tiny details and perfect toes - Newborn Photography in London


Newborn Photography Greenwich SE10

It is always a pleasure to be asked to photograph a newborn baby in London and I loved heading over to Greenwich SE10 for this newborn photography session. Greenwich is one of my favourite pockets of London and holds many memories for me with my own children. From marching round Greenwich park to get them to sleep in their buggies when they were tiny babies. To flying kites in the park and playing in the playground. Not forgetting of course many an afternoon spent in the National Maritime Museum with the countless things to do and see!

I love the view across London from the top of the park and then running down the hill with my children! We recently visited the painted Hall to see Gaia which was absolutely incredible! Definitely worth a visit if there is still time and to enjoy London as it slowly reopens.

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to a beautiful handmade frame for this one and his family. I love this shot that they chose amoung others for their bespoke album, frame and digital image package. I just love cherished moments like these, pictures that will bring the family so much happiness over the coming years.

Book your greenwich Newborn Photography Session

To book a Greenwich newborn photoshoot with me please get in touch via my booking page 

Newborn Photography Greenwich SE10


Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Capturing the first precious cuddles between a mother and baby portrait photography session is truly a wonderful experience. This tender moment is frozen in time. To be looked back on and treasured for years to come. I often find it hard to find the right words for my blogs. But perhaps the image says it all!

I am very happy to share this wonderful image and the kind words I am so grateful to have received below.

Lovely review with thanks:

” Elle produced the most wonderful photos of our newborn daughter. We are over the moon with the final portfolio. Elle was amazing with our baby – she soothed her better than we could (the baby whisperer!) and was extremely calm, patient and also lovely company. We did not feel rushed at all and the whole photoshoot revolved around our daughter’s needs, leaving time for changing, feeding etc. We would highly recommend Elle and I would love to book another shoot when our daughter is a bit older! ” 

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

Mother and Baby Portrait Photography

For more up to date images please follow me on Instagram

If you would like to make a booking please contact me via my booking page 

To purchase a gift voucher you can order directly from my shop or contact me and I will be happy to help.

Children’s portrait Photographer London

Children’s Portrait Photographer London

Even though I have entitled this post Children’s Portrait Photographer London. This picture was actually taken during a pregnancy photoshoot in Kensington.

And what a wonderful treat it was to photograph this lovely young gentleman and his sister. Their Mum told me that she hadn’t had maternity pictures when she was expecting her first two children. She had also missed out on newborn pictures after their births. For this reason, it was very important to her that she captured her third pregnancy and the arrival of the newest member to their family with special family portraits.

This can so often be the case and I can relate to this. When you are expecting your first baby, the list of things to think about is endless. Sometimes you forget to capture what is truly a special time. This is why it is wonderful for me when I am asked to photograph a second, third, fourth or even fifth pregnancy!  Each pregnancy is truly unique and there is always a multitude of reasons why my clients have chosen to capture that special time.

When there are older children it is wonderful to include them in the photoshoot. After all, it is about connecting the whole family. During every photoshoot I do I will always make time for individual portraits.

After our pregnancy photoshoot, I returned to photograph their beautiful new baby brother! What a treat for me! There are so many that I love from these photoshoots that I will no doubt share some more soon. If you would like to see some I have actually already added a few to my Instagram page. If you would like to follow me you can do so here 

I generally update my social media pages a little more frequently as it is quicker to do so when I’m on the go!

Taking Children’s Portraits

When you take a portrait there is always an important connection between the photographer and the person they are photographing. With children I always want them to feel happy and relaxed. It comes across so much better in the photographs when the smile isn’t forced. This is why I chat a lot before the session, whilst I’m setting up etc. I try to engage with them straight away and to work out what makes them happy. It is very funny to think of some of the conversations I have had! Perhaps one day I’ll make a book of them. “Conversations with a Children’s Photographer!”

There is nothing better than getting to know young people or returning for a future photoshoot and being greeted like an old friend! I am so grateful for all of these moments. It is a gift to get to meet so many families across London, Surrey & Kent.

I like to create natural portraits, pictures that capture in an instant something of that person. It’s wonderful when it happens. There is no one who knows their children better than the parents. This is why I always provide a good selection of portraits in the viewing gallery. The final edit and choices are always made by the family. There will be something, a certain smile, a look, a giggle that instantly connects them to the portrait. That’s what makes it special.


Children's Portrait Photographer London

For photoshoot bookings and photography gift sessions – contact Elle 

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