South London Newborn Photographer

South London Newborn Photographer

I’m delighted to share a few portraits from a recent newborn photography session in South London.

I’m really pleased with this beautiful family shot. It was such a sweet moment during the photoshoot. I love how baby looks so tiny snuggled against Dad’s chest.

During a newborn photography session I always work through a series of poses. These always include family portraits, newborn baby in different poses using props and backdrops. Mother & baby, father & baby and if there are older sibling these will also be worked into the session. Once these are captured I work on the detail shots such as feet, hands, ears, eyelashes and little mouths.

I like to incorporate key items such a first teddy bears and it’s wonderful to be at my Client’s homes where such things are close to hand.

Welcoming a brand new person into the world and to be one of the first to take their picture is a true honour. I hope these pictures really will stand the test of time and be loved for generations to come.

I just want to quickly say a huge Thank you to everyone who has contacted me this week to book their photoshoot. It has been incredibly busy and I am working through each enquiry so please bear with me.

For all those who contacted me to book their Christmas gift vouchers, you can do so directly via my gift voucher page

Simply select the voucher your would like and email me to add your personal message.

Elle x

South London Newborn Photographer




Baby Photographer Islington

Baby Photographer Islington

Oh the gorgeous squishy baby stage. How I miss my little ones being like this! I adore every change in them of course but this beautiful chubby cheeked stage seems so fleeting. Those beautiful belly laughs and their first attempts at crawling. Often and frustratingly for them zooming backwards away from whatever they were attempting to head to.

I love my baby photography sessions. Capturing this beautiful and precious stage during the first year. After a newborn photography session I recommend the next stage to capture should be between 4-6 months. To show the incredible changes in your little one.

At this stage your little one is showing glimpses of their personality and it’s wonderful to capture that.

If you have missed the newborn stage though and are keen to capture your little one before they grow any more I do lovely sessions for baby’s between 4 – 12 weeks. I understand the importance of documenting each stage and not wanting to miss a moment of that beautiful first year.

These special sessions also make wonderful gifts for new parents. I have beautiful gift voucher packages which are ideal for new parents and baby shower gifts.

Each thoughtfully prepared gift voucher comes beautifully presented in a gift box with your own personal message and a set of delicious Green & Blacks organic chocolates! Fuel for the new parents!

These thoughtful gift packages are ideal for gifts for any time of the year and dare I say it perfect for under the Christmas tree! If you are being super organised and thinking ahead to the big day please contact me for details. You can also visit my gift voucher page to purchase directly from my website.

I hope you enjoy this sneak preview from this very special baby photoshoot. I just love the cheeky little smile she gave me when she was on her belly and the gorgeous Daddy cuddle! Special family memories for life.

Baby Photographer Islington

Baby Photographer Islington

Newborn Photographer Belsize Park London

Newborn Photographer Belsize Park London

How gloriously beautiful is this precious newborn baby girl. The most serene little baby, photographed at nearly two weeks new at her home in Belsize Park London.

This was a wonderful newborn session at her home with her amazing mummy. It can sometimes take a while to achieve these shots. This little one was suffering from reflux but with plenty of patience, soothing and lots of cuddles she eventually settled into this peaceful sleep.

I loved getting to know her mummy during this photoshoot and I am looking forward to returning in the Spring for her next photoshoot. Capturing precious moments throughout the first year is one of the greatest joys of my job. Putting together a perfect year book especially for mummy & daddy to treasure.

These photoshoots always takes me back to the precious first year with my children. Especially my first born. That incredible first year when you are both learning and changing. Your baby and you as a mother.

My daughter is 7 years old now and my son will be 3 in November. What a journey it has been, we have come so far as a family. It’s a privilege to be their mother and I’m incredibly proud of them and of my husband.

As Autumn sets in I’m looking forward to all of the festivities. I love the changing seasons and at the moment the vivid red and orange Autumn colours.

We had the start of Autumn celebrations with the fabulous CroftFest this weekend. I took a stroll up there from our home in Brockley yesterday to see all the wonderful local stalls and listen to some great local bands.

My fantastically talented sister Nancy Ellis of Heavens to Betsy had her Autumn stall there and braved the chillier weather all day long. I love her illustrations of children and local landmarks. She is incredibly talented and spends time working with families to create beautiful pieces of bespoke artwork. I’ve loved watching her business grow.

I’m very grateful to have my family close by especially in London. As busy Mums both with our own business’s we help each other as much as we can. It’s incredibly important to have a support network in place. Mums are superhero’s but we all need a little help every now and then!

This month has been wonderful. I’ve been busy photographing pregnancy, newborn, baby and family portraits all over London and I can’t wait to share the results.

To book sessions please contact me via my ‘make a booking‘ page

Newborn Photographer Belsize Park London

Newborn Photographer Belsize Park London

First Year Baby Photography, London

I’m excited to share a few of my favourite shots from this gorgeous First Year Baby Photography, London session.

Your child turning one is the ultimate milestone when you are a parent. The end of that all important first year when you have been through so many changes as a family. From pregnancy to newborn to 6 months to the wonderful first steps and celebratory first birthday. It is the most incredible journey of your life. Learning how to look after and nurture this precious small person who has entered your world.

I was lucky enough to share this journey with this amazing family. From photographing their pregnancy portraits to capturing this little girl at just two weeks old and then again at 6months old and finally returning to capture her first birthday celebration! I have loved getting to know them all and creating this beautiful lasting memory of their first year.

This selection of shots from their first year photoshoot capture the pure joy and energy of their little one. she absolutely loved playing with my string of beads and looked adorable in my gorgeous layered tutu.

I shall be putting together a look book from their first year so that you can see the journey. At the moment as I am busy in-between photoshoots this week I’ll just share this lovely sneak peak.

I am passionate about creating classic, timeless and elegant family portraits. I love to freeze the beauty and innocence of childhood in portraits that will stand the test of time.

Going to my clients homes to photograph their children provides the perfect safe and informal setting for their photoshoot. I encourage children to play and relax so that I can capture their natural expressions. It’s a fun and wonderful experience for all the family. Each session is completely unique and I like to take my time to get to know my families so that their portraits reflect their personalities.

The last few weeks have been super busy and I have many lovely photoshoots to share with you all! I’ll be adding more to my blog when I have time over the next few weeks.

Thank you for looking,

Elle xx

First Year Baby Photography, London







Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer Crouch End

Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer Crouch End. I love my mother-to-be sessions. Capturing the amazing Bump to Baby journey is an incredibly joyous and humbling experience. I am always completely amazed at all the wonderful Mums and Dads I get to meet. To be a small part of that time in their lives and to create a lasting memory for them to look back on in years to come is indeed a privilege and a wonderful job!

Becoming a mother for the first time is overwhelming and glorious. The feelings and emotions I experienced took me completely by surprise. I don’t think anything can prepare you for that. The level of love and the bond you have with your new baby and all the responsibilities that go hand in hand with that. There is no other roller coaster like it.

I’m really pleased with how these pictures capture some of that journey.

Working as a pregnancy and newborn photographer and capturing this special time at my Client’s homes across London, Surrey, Kent and Hertfordshire is such a pleasure.

I’ve had a busy Summer with lots of gorgeous newborn, pregnancy, baby and family photoshoots. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work with so many wonderful people. Each session is truly unique and I try to capture exactly what my Client would like. Beautiful, timeless and classic portraits of their family and new arrivals.

I think it is important to also mention that I only book one session per day. There are no two sessions the same and children aren’t always ready for their pictures! I will happily fit into nap schedules and also make suggestions for timings based on my experience. Ultimately though I will follow the lead of the parents who know their baby better than anyone else.

As I only book one session per day it allows for as much time as is needed to capture all the pictures the family would like. I am more than happy to help settle the baby into position and wait whilst feeding and soothing takes place. It is very much a part of the experience of a private photoshoot in your home. For further details and full brochure pricing please contact me here

Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer Crouch End



Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer Crouch End


Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Crouch End

Newborn Photographer Battersea London

Newborn Photographer Battersea London

Two wonderful sessions welcoming this little beauty into the world.

The first before she was born to photograph her mummy looking absolutely radiant at 36 weeks pregnant!

We had such a fun afternoon working through a series of beautiful shots. I love getting to know my Clients during their pregnancy photography session. We spend a lot of time chatting and working different shots that they would like.

It is a great icebreaker and when I return for the newborn photoshoot everyone feels naturally relaxed in front of the camera.

The pictures I’ve included from this session are a series of sleepy newborn poses on my beautiful white backdrop.  I love how fresh, natural and tranquil these shots look. I’ve finished the set with one of my classic black and white baby pictures.

My Client’s always comment on how patient I am during their session. I think it comes as part of the role of being a newborn photographer. I am more than happy to take my time during a session. Having your session at home also helps to keep everything relaxed and informal. Newborns are unpredictable and as a mother and baby photographer I completely understand that. I only book one session per day to allow for all the extra time needed.  This includes time for changing, feeding and soothing the new baby. I am experienced and will work around you and your baby on the day to make sure you get the most out of your session. I will also provide guidance for including older siblings and other members of the family. My sessions can last anything from 2 – 4 hours (sometimes even 5 hours especially with twins or triplets). It just depends how the baby is that day and what shots you want to achieve. I enjoy my work and getting to know my Clients. Taking the time needed to create the perfect shot is part of the experience of having a professional photoshoot in your home.

With the Summer holidays and lots of wonderful babies to photograph there has been very little time to update my blog.

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak at some of my recent work. I will be adding more soon.

Have a lovely weekend

Elle x

Check out Elle’s pregnancy photoshoot with Binky for her new show Born in Chelsea on E4

 Newborn Photographer Battersea London




Pregnancy and Newborn photographer, Primrose Hill London

Pregnancy and Newborn photographer, Primrose Hill London

I received the sweetest phone call to book this session. My Client was extremely close to her due date and was hoping I could capture her pregnancy and newborn portraits.

This was one of those magical sessions, squeezed in literally just a couple of days before baby arrived! It was so wonderful to be a part of this truly exciting time and to return just over a week after our pregnancy session to photograph their newborn baby.

Such a treat and so many wonderful pictures of this gorgeous family.

This beautiful mummy to be particularly liked my black and white style of pregnancy photography. We worked on some beautiful elegant pregnancy portraits using some of my silks during her photoshoot at her home in Primrose Hill. I’m really pleased with the results and can’t believe how close these were taken to her due date! She looks absolutely stunning.

Although I recommend booking as far in advance as possible (after your 20 week scan). it is always worth checking for last minute spaces. There is so much to plan and think of when you are having a baby and it isn’t always possible to be super organised with everything! If I can fit you into my schedule I will be more than happy to do so. Having a memory of this special time is so important and definitely something to treasure.

After our lovely pregnancy session I couldn’t wait to return and meet their new arrival. Our newborn session again took place at their home in Primrose Hill, North London. I bring everything that is needed for a newborn photoshoot including baby hats and baby props to the home. Allowing new parents to completely relax and enjoy their private photoshoot.

This is a small selection from our photoshoot but I am sure I will be adding more to my facebook and instagram pages.

Thank you for looking

Elle xx

Pregnancy and Newborn photographer, Primrose Hill London

Pregnancy and Newborn photographer, Primrose Hill London






Pregnancy Photographer, London, Bermondsey session

Pregnancy Photographer, London, Bermondsey session

A beautiful pregnancy photoshoot with this lovely mother-to-be. Waiting for your first baby to arrive is an incredibly special time. It’s wonderful to celebrate your pregnancy and create a lasting memory for both of you to look back on.

I found this beautiful ‘letter to my first child’ on Scary Mommy 

It sums up so many of those familiar feelings. The trials and errors of becoming a Mum for the first time. How your life changes and how you change. It is one of life’s greatest journey’s.

I am writing this whilst preparing my two children for the day. The eldest is going on a school trip today and there is much excitement as we pack her lunch, wellies and spare clothes. My youngest will come with me, a quick morning play with mummy before Daddy takes him out for the day. I have two photoshoots today. A pregnancy and a family session.

It is unusual for me to book two in one day but they are close by and I had the sweetest call from this lady who is actually due today! She left her pregnancy portraits to the very last minute! I’m delighted we could make it work and capture her bump just before her baby arrives. I’m keeping my fingers crossed baby stays put just long enough for our photoshoot!

Have a lovely day x


Pregnancy Photographer, London, Bermondsey session






Born in Chelsea

Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed watching ‘Born in Chelsea’ this week on E4. Following Binky & JP’s journey into parenthood.

I was delighted to do a special pregnancy photography session with Binky just a couple of weeks before her beautiful baby girl arrived. It was wonderful to work with Binky and the production team who filmed our photoshoot that day.

I love my pregnancy sessions. Those precious weeks before you become a mother for the first time are incredibly special. The anticipation of meeting your little one for the first time after months of waiting and the nervousness about becoming a mother are quite overwhelming. I remember those feelings so well.

It is important for me to be able to relate to my Clients and understand how they would like their pregnancy to be captured. These pictures will become a treasured record of this very personal, emotional & life changing journey. I like to capture the beauty of pregnancy, I believe that all mothers to be are radiant at this time.

I love black & white photography for maternity shoots. This classic form of photography gives an elegant and timeless quality to the finished pictures.

Binky looked absolutely stunning and our session was relaxed & fun. I always work with my Clients to produce natural & intimate portraits that are flattering and true to them.

I’ll be sharing more pictures form this and recent sessions soon.

Thank you so much for looking, I’m always grateful for your feedback and support,

Elle x

Born in Chelsea

You can see a clip from our photoshoot in today’s Daily Mail here

I’m also pleased to share the sneak peak of our photoshoot in the official trailer


Newborn Photography Gift Session North London

Newborn Photography Gift Session North London

Sometimes I wonder where the time goes!

The weeks have been speeding by and suddenly the school Summer holidays are upon us. Those endless childhood days stretched out in front of us. Bringing back so many fond memories of that beautiful feeling that Summer goes on for ever. The next term seeming an age away. I love having my children at home for the Summer. We plan a few trips together but I like to make sure they have some time at home to just be, play and explore. It is beautiful to enjoy those endless summer days in the garden at home, just playing and being together as a family.

As this lovely time of year is fast approaching I have also been super busy, photographing and meeting lots of incredible mothers to be, newborn’s, baby’s and families. So much so that I have had very little time to update my website and blog.

I have so many pictures from recent photoshoots I want to share with you all.

This one in particular was a lovely gift newborn photography session. Given from a sister to her brother after the birth of his first child. The whole family took part in our photoshoot. Grandparents and the very proud Aunty herself. It really was a time for celebration and an honour for me to capture this special time.

There is no better feeling in the world than meeting your baby for the first time. I love to think of these portraits being treasured by the family for years to come.

Kind words from the family and pictures as always shared with permission:

” Elle did an amazing job and was very patient with our baby throughout the process. Her vast experience in handling babies and taking exceptional snaps was very clear to see. We would definitely use her again. Keep up the great work Elle!”

Newborn Photography Gift Session North London