Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK

Twins! How wonderful is it to be able to photograph not one but two newborn’s at the same time! I get so excited when I’m booked for a twin newborn photography session. It is one of the most magical experiences. Observing how these two beautiful being’s curl up together and move almost in sync with each other.

This session was with newborn boy and girl twins. The perfect set! A brother & sister, best friends forever.

People often talk about the twin connection. The incredible bond between these two people who grew together inside their Mum. They will share that beautiful connection forever.

It is certainly very evident during the session. If one twin is becoming fractious I often find settling them next to each other really helps. The instant calming effect of being close to the other. Hearing the other one breathe.

Twin session’s do take longer than a single baby newborn session. But the results are so worth it!

Like all my session’s I take my time. Allowing the babies to feed as often as they need. It’s still very early days for the new parents and their baby’s. I always try to be sensitive to their needs and work with everyone to create a positive newborn photoshoot experience.

When I first arrived at their home for their newborn photoshoot, there was an absolute family team working to make sure the new parents were looked after. It was so lovely to witness. Flown in from Brazil were the Grandparents and Uncle. All happy to lend a hand and so over the moon to be with their new family members.

Having your first baby can be very daunting and I’m always so happy to see families pull together in this way. It reminds me of when I had my daughter and my wonderful Mum & Dad arrived from the Island (the Isle of Wight for those non Islanders). Armed with home made stew, beautiful refreshing linen sprays, lavender, moisturiser, Mum first aid recovery kit and adorable baby clothes for my daughter. So lovingly chosen by my Mum. I felt so relieved to see them and to overjoyed to share their new granddaughter with them!

I have these memories so fresh in my mind that I always know how important each newborn photography session is.

I cover all of London and my client’s come from all corners of the world! One of the best parts of my work is getting to know people and capturing the most precious memories for them. Ones that will live on in their family for generations to come.

Newborn Twin Bookings can be made in advance and the date pre-booked if you are having a planned delivery. Do get in touch: contact me here

Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK

Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK