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Family and Children Photographer London UK

Family and Children Photographer London UK

Is it Friday already! Where has the week gone? Zooming by to February, but I can’t lie I am always glad to wave goodbye to January and February and welcome the warmer months of March & April. That’s if we don’t have March snow again this year!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks welcoming 2019 babies into the world with their first photoshoot’s. It’s been a pleasure and I’ve even had the joy of photographing a few sets of newborn twins. Is there anything more magical than newborn twins sleeping together! I’m sorry if I have mentioned this before but I’m always in awe of the after every photoshoot.

Props for newborn photography

I’m in love with some of my handmade newborn set’s from from etsy. Fresh for 2019 newborn photoshoots. I love starting the new year with some new props and outfit’s for my photoshoots. There are so many incredibly talented newborn prop makers on Etsy.

I choose handmade knitted hats, nappy covers as well as some of the beautiful vintage lace and soft felt rompers. The fact that they are handmade makes them extra special and unique. I bring a suitcase full of them to every newborn photoshoot for parents to choose their favourite look for their baby.

My style is natural and for the colour photo’s I use beautiful pale lilac’s, pinks, blue’s, green’s and silver greys. These work just as well in my classic black & white style which is loved by the families I photograph.

Family and Children Photography

As I was editing recent session’s for my blog and website I came across this beautiful picture from the last photoshoot I shared. The smile on her face brightened my day! I’m sure it will yours too. Captured whilst we were waiting for her new baby sister to be camera ready. (fed and burped!).

I think we were mid dance at this point. Which gave a beautiful, natural movement to the shot. I love to have fun with children. Their photoshoot should feel non pressured and enjoyable for them. It also helps to be setting up the studio in their home. Adding to the excitement and also ensuring they feel at ease.

There are some more older children portraits on my baby and family page here

Thank you for looking, please feel free to contact me for details and pricing.


Family and Children Photography London UK

Family & Children Photographer London

Pregnancy Photoshoot London

The lovely sausage dog image as mentioned by my client in my previous post. I just had to add it today!

Thank you all for looking this morning, for booking details please fill in a contact form on this page

Also please do follow me on instagram, twitter and like my facebook page.

Stay cosy and have a lovely weekend!

Elle x

Newborn Photography South East London

Hello 2019! I can’t believe we are mid January and this is the first time I’ve found a moment to blog.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography South East London

It’s been a gentle start to the year for me, welcoming lots of beautiful newborn babies and even a few sets of twins into the year. As well as quite a few pregnancy photoshoot’s for 2019 to be babies!

I’m so happy to share some more pictures from some recent photoshoot’s with you. I am always so grateful to my Client’s for permission to share their pictures with you all!

With my work and also looking after my own two little ones there is hardly a moment left. I am sure all parents can relate to this juggle, whatever age your children are. You are needed in so many different ways. Often feeling like super Mamma or Dad!

Review from Client:

” Elle captured both of my pregnancies and thus both of my girls as newborns. There were three years between the two babies, but I wouldn’t have considered going to anyone else the second time. Elle captured gorgeous and flattering pictures, on all occasions.

Elle is very patient, calm and gentle, and puts you at total ease. For me personally, this was needed – after all, few feel their best when heavily pregnant or having just given birth, but also for our second daughter esp. As a severe reflux baby, sadly she generally only screamed at that point in time. But with Elle’s help, we were able to capture some beautiful pictures, with the baby even nodding off for small moments of time.

Elle was also happy to include our miniature sausage dog in some of the photos for all shoots – after all, he’s one of the family too :)”

I’ve chosen a few pregnancy and one newborn photograph for my blog today. I will also have to share the glorious sausage dog picture mentioned in my Client’s review above! I absolutely loved their little dog!

It is always a thrill to be asked to return to capture the second pregnancy and newborn. It’s an opportunity to catch up again and to see the little newborn baby I first photographed two years ago as a bouncy happy little girl getting ready for her new baby sister! I think these shots capture that excitement and enthusiasm without any need for further words!

I hope you enjoy them!

Elle x

Pregnancy Photoshoot, Lee, South East London

Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoot, Kensington London

Pregnancy and Newborn Photoshoot, Kensington London. 

1 …. 2 … 3!

Photographing the pregnancy and baby pictures for baby number three! Having captured babies one and two for this lovely family it was a joy to be asked to return again! This time for a baby girl after two boys!

I have so many favourites from all of our photoshoots over the years. I will post a little gallery of these when I have more time. For now these are just a few very special bump to baby shots. With mummy and her baby girl.

Each time I return to capture this growing family I am greeted with so much warmth. The pictures from our previous photoshoots are lovingly displayed around their beautiful home. With such care and attention. Taking pride of place in much of the home. There are very few possessions I treasure more than pictures of my children. I am aware of the importance of being asked to capture these precious moments for families. For that reason every photoshoot is completely unique. With different emotions and feelings captured on camera. I am constantly reminded of the enormity of a parents love. 

At the moment I’m in the midst of  a Christmas rush of orders. I am busy squirrelled away in my office editing, retouching, printing, designing albums, frame layouts, gift vouchers and ensuring that everything is ready to be delivered in time for the big day! Everything is looking so beautiful. I’m enjoying my stunning new Elle Fallon packaging and the incredible quality of my mounted fine art archival prints. 

There is still time to order your Christmas gift voucher if you haven’t had time to purchase that perfect Christmas gift!

Please contact me through my booking page for details and bespoke packages. Standard gift vouchers can be purchased from my gift voucher page

All gift vouchers are personalised and come in a gift box with a set of miniature Green & Blacks chocolates! Perfect to nestle under the Christmas tree.  

Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoot Gallery 

Newborn Photographer Kensington

Newborn Photographer Kensington

So happy to share a few of these intimate moments from a newborn photography session in Kensington, London.

I love the size of the rose next to her little clenched fist! A reminder of just how tiny and precious she is. The newborn stage is as fleeting as a rose. Our beautiful babies are not little for long and it is as always a privilege to capture this time.

I always recommend capturing family and parent portraits during your photoshoot. Even if you’re not really feeling camera ready. There are often few opportunities to be photographed altogether and these are the pictures your little one will no doubt treasure the most when he / she is grown.

Daddy popped back from work during our photoshoot, giving me enough time to capture these beautiful family and Daddy shots. Some of my favourites from our session.

One of the best parts of my job is the amazing network of families I have had the opportunity to meet over the years. Sharing in one of the most incredibly happy times of their lives. A small moment in time captured forever. I want the memory of the photoshoot itself to be as happy as the pictures.

This week and indeed the next few weeks on the run up to Christmas are some of my busiest yet. I have a packed week of newborn and pregnancy photoshoots. And there will be lots to do to prepare all the orders and images in time for Christmas gifts. I do love this time of year though! Starting with Halloween this week to kick off the festivities! My 8 year old is going to be ‘Moaning Myrtle’ from Harry Potter this year! I’ve never seen someone so in love with their Halloween costume. Any opportunity she gets the Harry Potter cape is back on!

Have a great week everyone!


Newborn Photographer Kensington

London Newborn and Baby Photographer, Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Islington

London Newborn and Baby Photographer, Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Islington

I’m just loving these family and newborn photographs from one of my recent photoshoot’s in South London. How beautiful is this older brother and his newborn baby sister!

He was just the sweetest boy to photograph. absolutely head over heals in love with his baby sister. I love the way her eyes just opened as I took this shot and caught her smile at her big brother. Just as he kissed her head. It’s beautiful moments like these that make me so happy to be doing the work that I do.

We then did lots of ‘just big brother’ shots whilst baby was being fed. I love this one where he is looking just off camera but has a gorgeous natural smile! We were mid conversation about something and I can’t remember what. I’m always chatting away to my subjects and as I have a nearly 4 year old boy I’m quite up to speed on what’s cool and what’s not. At least I think I am!  So I’m often chatting about Paw Patrol or PJ Masks … I’m an expert on Thomas the Tank Engine!

I was so happy with the results from this session and even more so when Mum was pleased! For me it’s not only the results of the photoshoot that are important to get right but the entire experience. From start to finish I want every moment to be enjoyable and effortless for my Clients.

It’s been a busy few weeks and the run up to Christmas is always extremely busy for me. (Yes preparations start now!). It does seem to get earlier every year but I like to be organised. Ensuring all orders, gift packages, frames and albums are prepared and dispatched in time for the big day! I also have lots of Christmas babies booked in over the festive period which leaves little time free so I have to be super organised. Juggling lots of things is what us mums seem to do best though! It often amazes me how much can be crammed into one day!

With that being said it’s time for me to return to my edits. I have a full day of retouches ahead and then a newborn photoshoot in Balham tomorrow. Then I shall be taking a short break with my little munchkins over half term!

Let the pumpkin picking and carving commence!

I hope you enjoy these and thank you as always for looking.

For bookings please contact me via my ‘make a booking‘ page

Thank you

Elle x

London Newborn and Baby Photographer, Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Islington

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer London, Kent and Surrey

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer London, Kent and Surrey

I’m delighted to announce. That as well as covering London. I am now available for pregnancy, newborn, baby & family photoshoot’s in the Kent and Surrey area. Please contact me to see if I cover your area.

Below are a few of my favourite shots from a recent pregnancy and newborn photography session in London. I loved both of these photoshoot’s. It is always such a joy to get to know the new parents-to-be during their pregnancy photoshoot. Then returning again when their little one has arrived. What a privilege to be one of the first to greet the new arrival.

Before a photoshoot is booked I often chat with my Client’s about what they would like to achieve from their photoshoots. Either over the phone or by email. Whichever is most convenient.

I specialise in black & white photography and I absolutely love the classic and timeless quality these pictures have. However, I do think a little colour can add something special to the session too. Especially if shot in the same natural style. To compliment the black & white images. By popular request I have started to introduce these to my photoshoot’s and I hope you like the results!

Colour images are available on request when booking your photoshoot. Simply request the black & white with colour options. The session fee and pricing are the same.

I’m really pleased with this set of images. I love the shades of the flowers we chose for their daughters headband. The muted grey with the oversized flower hat. Soft and subtle shades that don’t distract from their newborn baby. I believe simple is best when it comes to pregnancy and newborn portraits. For me it’s about capturing the magic of that time. The feel of the moment.

Coming to my Client’s home’s for their photoshoots allows us to take as much time as is needed. To get to know each other in a relaxed way. It also eliminates any travel stress for the new parents and parents to be.

A pregnancy photoshoot typically lasts two hours and a newborn photoshoot can last anywhere between 3 – 4 hours.

I have years of experience working with newborns and babies. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have prior to booking your photoshoot.

October & November dates are filling up very quickly now and we will soon be on the countdown for Christmas! Has anyone started shopping yet? or is that jut me? I have to admit I love this time of year!

If you would like one of our special Christmas vouchers for your loved ones do get in touch. Early booing is recommended.

Elle x

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer London, Kent and Surrey


Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK

Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK

Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK

Sharing a few moments from my newborn & family photography session in West London with these beautiful people.

Lets talk about the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first weeks following the birth of your baby. These are not only busy with all the last minute bits of organising, DIY and jobs that need to be completed. But are also completely exhausting and overwhelming.

I like my pregnancy and newborn photoshoots to be the easy and most relaxing part of the journey. I know this sounds very cliche to say!

In the midst of all the chaos and tiredness I want to just arrive at my Client’s home. with my portable studio to capture the beauty of those moments. To help everyone to stop for a moment and to relax. To remember to just breathe and enjoy holding & kissing their new baby. Whilst I capture all of the magic on camera. Then once everything is done and the moments are frozen in time. I’ll pack up and leave so everyone can return to their rest and recovery. Waiting for their gallery to be processed and edited. I’ll then return again to help with selection of the photographs. So there really is no need for the new parents to leave the home with their new baby.

It is a very specialist service and one that requires, consideration to the new parents needs. Careful planning and arranging and dedication.

Once chosen each image is carefully retouched and prepared for print. I work with London’s best printers, book binders and framers to produce exquisite handmade products for your photographs. Digital image package options are also available.

All details are available via my make a booking page. Simply fill out the form and I will send a full brochure to you x

Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK

Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK


Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK


Newborn Baby Photoshoot West London UK

Newborn Photographer, South London

Newborn Photographer, South London

Newborn Photographer, South London

One of the greatest parts of my work is getting to meet and work with so many incredibly kind and lovely families across London. It’s a privilege every time I am welcomed into someone’s home to capture their precious family moments for them.

I am often one of the first to meet their newborn baby and to spend time with them as a family. The last one to capture the beautiful shape of a pregnancy bump before baby arrives. To capture those delicious gummy smiles before the first teeth break through or to celebrate that all important milestone of turning one! Sometimes even capturing those tentative first steps.

When I arrive at a photoshoot I always first assess the layout of the room. I then set about creating the studio. I do this whilst chatting to my Client’s and their children. Ensuring that I get to know them and putting everyone at ease. I think it is important to try to tune in to how your Client’s are feeling at that time / on that day. I’m always asking how their night was? Did they get enough sleep? Did their children nap?  Is everyone well? This helps me to format the photoshoot accordingly to ensure my Client’s get the most out of the session.

To be a newborn photographer you have to have this in your nature. Patience and understanding of a babies needs are key to getting those final shots. Newborn photoshoot’s should never be rushed, if a baby wants to feed for an hour then it is much better to wait and let them do so.

I’m often asked what my most popular photoshoot is or what I enjoy photographing the most and I usually answer pregnancy and newborn. It is without a doubt on of the most special times to capture and one which is so very fleeting. These pictures will be treasured above all else in years to come and it’s important to get it right. Which is why it’s important to choose the right photographer for you.

Another stage I love to capture is the 4-6month baby stage. Those beautiful chunky arms & legs and gummy smiles! With personality leaping out into the pictures! The next popular stage is of course the one year celebration photoshoot. Where on many occasion I have captured and been a witness to the very emotional first steps! It’s always a joy to capture those.

I am often asked by my Clients to return year after year to add to their family galleries. So you could say I photograph all ages from newborn to teenagers! In fact I worked with two amazing teenagers this weekend at a family photoshoot in Kent. These photoshoot’s feel very different to my baby sessions.  I absolutely love working with teenagers and older children. Capturing their expressions and personalities in simple yet striking portraits.

I am a huge fan of black & white photography but I am always happy to include some colour options for my Clients.

I like subtle hues and natural baby portraits. I’ll be adding a few more of these from recent photoshoot but please do enquire for further details.

You can also keep up to date on my facebook and instagram pages.

Newborn Photographer, South London

Islington Baby Photographer

Islington Baby Photographer

Islington Baby Photographer, a few shots from this wonderful and fun baby & family photoshoot in Islington.

I love the ‘baby stage’ and this little one was just so adorable! My favourite is definitely the shot of him with his lovely big sister. I photographed her when she was the same age as her brother in these shots. It was a delight to return and add to their family gallery.

Between the age of 4 and 6 months your baby enters that really cute, chubby baby stage and they just keep getting sweeter. As their personalities develop, their sense of humour and their love for their family. It’s wonderful to capture these moments and expressions on camera.

My baby photography sessions are very popular and follow on beautifully from a newborn or pregnancy photography session. Or equally wonderful just as a special treat to capture your little one as he or she grows. whatever the reason for choosing to have a professional baby photoshoot the results will be yours to cherish forever.

I think it’s the little things that we sometimes forget, like the shot of this little one on his tummy doing ‘superman’ arms. I remember this so well with my little ones. The gorgeous giggles and all the dribble!

I think beautiful pictures deserved to be displayed and kept in the best possible way. So that they can be enjoyed. As well as digital image packages we offer a bespoke framing service. Working with London’s most experienced framers, each frame is handmade to your specifications and to suit your home. I have a wonderful range of samples that I will bring to your home for you to choose and to match the colour scheme of any.

We also have beautiful handmade albums, produced in a range of leather colours with your family name and date embossed to the front. This is the classic and most traditional way to store your photographs. It is also my daughters favourite as she adores opening the albums and reminiscing with me.

With Summer finished and the new school year started I’m feeling full of energy and ready for my Autumn sessions. It is one of my busiest and favourite times of year! Christmas photoshoots get booked up very quickly and September is very full. All photoshoot’s for Christmas gift orders should take place before 10th November to ensure products and images can be prepared and delivered in time for the big day!

Keep an eye on my page for further details and updates.

Thank you

Elle x

Islington Baby Photographer

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