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Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, Battersea London UK

I’m so happy to share some of the pictures from my recent pregnancy and newborn photography session with this beautiful couple and their newborn baby.

We even managed to sneak one in with their beloved cat! A request that is becoming so frequent and popular I might add a pets section to my website! But isn’t she magnificent! definitely the boss of the house! Perhaps I need to add this to the cats of instagram page (@cats_of_instagram).

Capturing the before and after portraits. The bump to baby story is one of my favourite parts of my work. It’s so lovely to get to know the soon to be parents before their baby enters the world. To capture those moments before two become three. And create a lasting memory of those precious moments.

It is also a great time to get to know each other. Before I return in a few weeks to meet their newborn baby. Without a doubt one of the greatest privileges is to be added to their list of ‘people to call’ to announce the news!

I love these beautiful shots of their newborn baby. Just so peaceful and perfect! It takes me back to the first days with my children. Newborn’s are so incredible and such a joy to be with. I can’t lie I love that I get to sneak a little cuddle each week whilst photographing these little wonders!

As mothers day is approaching I am busy preparing lots of beautiful gifts for mothers and grandmothers. I have some stunning new handcrafted frames and my team are busy working on my new website with product pictures. Soon to be revealed hopefully!

Mothers day gift vouchers are also available and selling fast, contact me via my bookings page for details.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, Battersea London UK

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, Battersea London UK

Newborn Photographer Blackheath Greenwich London

It is such a joy to share some of my pictures from a recent newborn photoshoot in Blackheath. I actually found it too hard to choose one or two for this gallery! With the kind permission of the family I am sharing a collection of my favourites!

These images form part of a wonderful selection made by the family. They chose a combination of digital images and frames for their pictures.

All digital images are retouched and professionally prepare for print. This is the finished result! The frames are all handmade here in London and delivered to your door. I even come back to your home after your photoshoot to help with selection and to take you through the different frame options and finishes. I bring a large sample case with me so that my Client’s can find the right finish for their home. Frame corners can be held against the wall and measurements taken to ensure the right images fit the right space.

After a very quick arrival into the world, gifting her Mum & Dad with the most amazing story for life! This magical baby girl was a pure delight to photograph.

I also had another connection with Mum as we are both the youngest of three girls and both have almost the same name!

Newborn photography session’s are best booked before your baby arrives. This ensure that I can fit you in within the first three weeks following the birth. Although it is not possible to book the newborn photoshoot date I will reserve a time period to allow for late or early arrivals. If you are having a planned delivery we can pre-arrange the photoshoot date. Occasionally I do have last minute spaces and it is still worth checking availability with me even if your baby has already arrived.

For further details please contact me here

Newborn Photographer Blackheath Greenwich London

Newborn Photographer Blackheath Greenwich London

Newborn and Family Photography South West London

What a beautiful Spring day! I know it’s only February but the sun is so warm and the sky is so blue today. It feels like Spring is well and truly on the way.

Yesterday Andy and I treated ourselves to a day off on the Southbank. Like many working parents we rarely get time together without our children. We have busy schedules with photoshoot’s and it can be hard to grab some time together. We went to see the fantastic Diane Arbus exhibition  at the Hayward Gallery. One of my favourites spots in London. I loved gazing at the original prints which have been lovingly put together. 1950’s and 60’s New York caught on film and frozen in time forever. I particular love her children’s street photography. Not surprisingly! The outfits, the faces! It’s a beautifully executed exhibition and well worth a visit.

We even had time for a quick delicious dim sum lunch at Ping Pong and made it back in time for school pick up!

Newborn and Family Photography South West London

Back to work today and I have a busy day ahead and a weekend fully booked with photoshoot’s.

This beautiful family I have photographed a few times now. I did their pregnancy and newborn photography after the arrival of their baby girl three years ago. I was delighted to return again to photograph their newborn baby boy. Here are a few of my favourites from our session. Taken at their home in South West London.

Newborn Photography Session Holland Park London

I’m in love with these shots! Thank you to my Client for permission to share some of the beautiful photographs I took at newborn photography session at her home in Holland Park.

As requested by my Client as well as the classic black and white shots, I included some beautiful colour pictures for her. I’m really pleased with the results. I have also added a few more to my instagram. I would love to know what you think!

On request I am including these with all of my classic black & white photoshoot’s at home. I bring everything that is needed to you so that you don’t have to leave. Including these beautiful handmade props for newborn photography session’s. Silks and lace for pregnancy photography session’s are also provided by me. Using my portable studio and lighting guarantee’s perfect results in your home every time.

I would love to hear from you and capture the next important stage for you and your family. Please contact me for further details here

My Client’s come back to me year after year to capture their family portraits. This is the biggest compliment for me and I love returning to see them again. I have lots of reviews both on my testimonial page and on my google review page.

So valentines day is fast approaching! I have had many orders for valentines day gift vouchers already. There is still time to purchase yours! Gift voucher’s are personalised and can be made for bespoke packages. There is nothing more romantic than a family photoshoot or pregnancy photoshoot together with the loved one’s in your life. As well as a beautiful experience you will have the photographs to cherish for a life time.

My gift voucher’s are presented in a gift box with a set of miniature green & blacks chocolates. Silver embossed and tied with a bow! I will take a picture of my next one ready to send once I’ve finished my preparations! Purchases can be made here

Please include your home address or the delivery address for your voucher and any personal message when placing your order.

Thank you xx

Newborn Photography Session Holland Park London

Newborn Photography Session Holland Park London

Baby Photography Session Putney South West London

Client review:

I have always been a bit wary of these types of photos but Elle took beautiful pictures and is so gentle with your baby that you’re so happy for her to coax your baby into positions. She just knows babies and you don’t feel under any time pressure if your baby needs feeding or changing. I now have beautiful pictures of my beautiful little girl to treasure forever.”

Google review link

Baby photography

Thank you so much to my Client for this beautiful review and for permission to share these beautiful shots I took of her newborn baby girl! Isn’t she beautiful!

In my opinion it doesn’t matter when you choose to photograph your new baby. It will always worth capturing them at any stage. Some of my Client’s manage to book before their baby has been born. In this instance I can guarantee I will be available to photograph their new baby in the first 2-3 weeks following the birth. However for some of my Client’s they simply hadn’t thought of newborn photography until their little one arrived. It is after all hard to think of everything when you are becoming a parent for the first time! My advice is to get in touch at any stage. After all even though they are rapidly growing before your eyes they will never be this small again.

I have photographed new babies up to 5 & 6 weeks old and the results have been just as lovely as the first two weeks.

If you have missed the newborn stage it can also be worth waiting until they are a little bigger. When they are able to sit unaided or push themselves up on their tummy’s. For example between 4 – 6 months old. These session’s are also great if you have older children and you would like to have pictures of them altogether. If the older siblings are still quite small (ages 2- 4) and unable to safely hold the new baby, waiting for the baby to be a little stronger and sturdier means that they will all be able to comfortably sit together. It is a great way to capture some beautiful family moments. Also at this age there will be lots of beautiful baby smiles and the children will have had time to all get used to each other and create the brother and sister bond.

First Year Photography

Another option is to capture all the key stage sin the first year! These year book session’s are very popular and need to be booked as far in advance as possible. You will receive three photoshoot’s spread over one year at stages as you choose. To capture your family developing and changing.

Booking details on my contact page

Baby Photography Session Putney South West London

Newborn Photographer Maida Vale London UK

I love this newborn photograph from one of my recent session’s in Maida Vale, London. Mixing my classic black & white style with some colour images. For families who would like a little colour with their session’s.

These are becoming increasingly popular and I’m really enjoying the results. This little one is photographed wearing my gorgeous forest green tassel hat which has matching shorts (off camera in this shot). This set looks equally gorgeous in my classic black & white style. I’ll be adding more colour pictures from recent photoshoots to my website soon. I’d love to know what you think!

You can contact me for further details about my classic black and white photoshoot’s and my mixed colour and black & white photoshoots here

Also I’d like to give a huge thanks to all the families who have been kind enough to leave a review on my google review page. I’m so grateful to have worked with you all and thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.

Elle x

Newborn Photographer Maida Vale London

Newborn Photographer Maida Vale London

Family and Children Photographer London UK

Family and Children Photographer London UK

Is it Friday already! Where has the week gone? Zooming by to February, but I can’t lie I am always glad to wave goodbye to January and February and welcome the warmer months of March & April. That’s if we don’t have March snow again this year!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks welcoming 2019 babies into the world with their first photoshoot’s. It’s been a pleasure and I’ve even had the joy of photographing a few sets of newborn twins. Is there anything more magical than newborn twins sleeping together! I’m sorry if I have mentioned this before but I’m always in awe of the after every photoshoot.

Props for newborn photography

I’m in love with some of my handmade newborn set’s from from etsy. Fresh for 2019 newborn photoshoots. I love starting the new year with some new props and outfit’s for my photoshoots. There are so many incredibly talented newborn prop makers on Etsy.

I choose handmade knitted hats, nappy covers as well as some of the beautiful vintage lace and soft felt rompers. The fact that they are handmade makes them extra special and unique. I bring a suitcase full of them to every newborn photoshoot for parents to choose their favourite look for their baby.

My style is natural and for the colour photo’s I use beautiful pale lilac’s, pinks, blue’s, green’s and silver greys. These work just as well in my classic black & white style which is loved by the families I photograph.

Family and Children Photography

As I was editing recent session’s for my blog and website I came across this beautiful picture from the last photoshoot I shared. The smile on her face brightened my day! I’m sure it will yours too. Captured whilst we were waiting for her new baby sister to be camera ready. (fed and burped!).

I think we were mid dance at this point. Which gave a beautiful, natural movement to the shot. I love to have fun with children. Their photoshoot should feel non pressured and enjoyable for them. It also helps to be setting up the studio in their home. Adding to the excitement and also ensuring they feel at ease.

There are some more older children portraits on my baby and family page here

Thank you for looking, please feel free to contact me for details and pricing.


Family and Children Photography London UK

Family & Children Photographer London

Pregnancy Photoshoot London

The lovely sausage dog image as mentioned by my client in my previous post. I just had to add it today!

Thank you all for looking this morning, for booking details please fill in a contact form on this page

Also please do follow me on instagram, twitter and like my facebook page.

Stay cosy and have a lovely weekend!

Elle x

Newborn Photography South East London

Hello 2019! I can’t believe we are mid January and this is the first time I’ve found a moment to blog.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography South East London

It’s been a gentle start to the year for me, welcoming lots of beautiful newborn babies and even a few sets of twins into the year. As well as quite a few pregnancy photoshoot’s for 2019 to be babies!

I’m so happy to share some more pictures from some recent photoshoot’s with you. I am always so grateful to my Client’s for permission to share their pictures with you all!

With my work and also looking after my own two little ones there is hardly a moment left. I am sure all parents can relate to this juggle, whatever age your children are. You are needed in so many different ways. Often feeling like super Mamma or Dad!

Review from Client:

” Elle captured both of my pregnancies and thus both of my girls as newborns. There were three years between the two babies, but I wouldn’t have considered going to anyone else the second time. Elle captured gorgeous and flattering pictures, on all occasions.

Elle is very patient, calm and gentle, and puts you at total ease. For me personally, this was needed – after all, few feel their best when heavily pregnant or having just given birth, but also for our second daughter esp. As a severe reflux baby, sadly she generally only screamed at that point in time. But with Elle’s help, we were able to capture some beautiful pictures, with the baby even nodding off for small moments of time.

Elle was also happy to include our miniature sausage dog in some of the photos for all shoots – after all, he’s one of the family too :)”

I’ve chosen a few pregnancy and one newborn photograph for my blog today. I will also have to share the glorious sausage dog picture mentioned in my Client’s review above! I absolutely loved their little dog!

It is always a thrill to be asked to return to capture the second pregnancy and newborn. It’s an opportunity to catch up again and to see the little newborn baby I first photographed two years ago as a bouncy happy little girl getting ready for her new baby sister! I think these shots capture that excitement and enthusiasm without any need for further words!

I hope you enjoy them!

Elle x

Pregnancy Photoshoot, Lee, South East London

Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoot, Kensington London

Pregnancy and Newborn Photoshoot, Kensington London. 

1 …. 2 … 3!

Photographing the pregnancy and baby pictures for baby number three! Having captured babies one and two for this lovely family it was a joy to be asked to return again! This time for a baby girl after two boys!

I have so many favourites from all of our photoshoots over the years. I will post a little gallery of these when I have more time. For now these are just a few very special bump to baby shots. With mummy and her baby girl.

Each time I return to capture this growing family I am greeted with so much warmth. The pictures from our previous photoshoots are lovingly displayed around their beautiful home. With such care and attention. Taking pride of place in much of the home. There are very few possessions I treasure more than pictures of my children. I am aware of the importance of being asked to capture these precious moments for families. For that reason every photoshoot is completely unique. With different emotions and feelings captured on camera. I am constantly reminded of the enormity of a parents love. 

At the moment I’m in the midst of  a Christmas rush of orders. I am busy squirrelled away in my office editing, retouching, printing, designing albums, frame layouts, gift vouchers and ensuring that everything is ready to be delivered in time for the big day! Everything is looking so beautiful. I’m enjoying my stunning new Elle Fallon packaging and the incredible quality of my mounted fine art archival prints. 

There is still time to order your Christmas gift voucher if you haven’t had time to purchase that perfect Christmas gift!

Please contact me through my booking page for details and bespoke packages. Standard gift vouchers can be purchased from my gift voucher page

All gift vouchers are personalised and come in a gift box with a set of miniature Green & Blacks chocolates! Perfect to nestle under the Christmas tree.  

Pregnancy & Newborn Photoshoot Gallery 

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