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Maternity photography in Pimlico London

It’s always an honour for me to be asked to photograph maternity & newborn portraits for a family. To be part of the journey from bump to baby is just a beautiful time to share.

With my work I get to meet and work with so many families across London, Kent & Surrey. No photoshoot is ever the same and I love learning their stories, sharing time with them and of course capturing beautiful memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What strikes me most in each maternity photoshoot that I do are the different moments I capture. There is an ease that always comes mid session. When we have been chatting for a while and sharing our stories. (I am known to chat a lot about pregnancy and things that I found helpful when I was expecting). It’s in that moment that I often capture a beautiful effortless portrait that just has a flow and energy to it.

This portrait has that for me! There is joy and celebration to it which I love! It happened quickly. I said ‘whoosh it out a bit at the side!” and that was it! This was taken at my Client’s home in Pimlico London and I was very excited to return a few weeks later to meet their newborn baby.

My Client’s are often surprised to hear that these pictures were captured at home. I bring my portable studio complete with backdrop, lighting, reflectors, wind machine and silks all to you! There is no need to leave your front door. That’s very important to me with all of my photoshoots. As a mother of two I want this experience to be joyful and memorable.

Maternity photography in Pimlico London

Maternity Photography in Pimlico London

Is Maternity Photography right for me?

There are key moments in our lives that we would want to have a record of and to look back on in years to come. Photography for you and your family is a beautiful investment to make and one you will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

I view maternity portraits as a celebration of becoming a mother. A present to yourself and a record for your children of how you embraced carrying them for 9 months. How much you treasured them before they were born.

I like to capture natural and elegant moments. These can be tasteful maternity portraits that shoe the belly or more covered shots, whatever you prefer I will work with you to achieve the portraits you would like.

When to Book?

I am always happy to try to squeeze in last minute bookings if I have space although if possible early booking is recommended. Bookings are now open for maternity photoshoots from August onwards, for availability click here to contact me

I would love to hear from you and to share in your journey.

My Gallery of images can also be viewed on my instagram page, this also includes weekly updates  Elle_Fallon


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