Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1

This was a lovely photoshoot. Especially as Grandma and Grandad were there all the way from Canada to be photographed with their new grandchild!

The families I meet come from all over the world. All with their own story to tell. All with a special journey into parenthood. I am lucky to share in the magic of that moment with them. Capturing a lasting memory which will stay with them forever.

I consider it a privilege make my living as a portrait photographer. With every photoshoot I undertake. I am conscious of my responsibility to capture the right expression and feeling. To correctly represent the family I’m photographing.

A Client asked me recently if I knew when I had “got the shot”. The answer is yes I do! There is a moment during each session when everything falls into place. The baby is calm and the parents are relaxed. They have put their trust in me. In brief section of time we’ve let ourselves know each other. It is fleeting and yet preserved for a lifetime.

For this session my Client’s requested mostly colour images. I loved incorporating their ideas. Especially the unique addition of using Mum’s belly cast. Just two weeks after birth her newborn baby still sleeps peacefully in that incredible shape. Cocooned perfectly. How amazing is it to see how she would have been inside her mother.

If you have a belly cast I would be very happy to incorporate a shot like this into your newborn photoshoot.

Of course I am also a huge fan of involving Grandparents in newborn photography session’s. Just look how special this picture is. They were so overjoyed to be there. A very special memory for them all.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog today. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing some of my recent work. There will be more images uploaded soon. Just as soon as I’ve finished my next batch of orders and photoshoot’s.

I am also very excited to announce that my new website will be launched very soon! Watch this space!

Elle x

Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1

Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1