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Hello 2019! I can’t believe we are mid January and this is the first time I’ve found a moment to blog.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography South East London

It’s been a gentle start to the year for me, welcoming lots of beautiful newborn babies and even a few sets of twins into the year. As well as quite a few pregnancy photoshoot’s for 2019 to be babies!

I’m so happy to share some more pictures from some recent photoshoot’s with you. I am always so grateful to my Client’s for permission to share their pictures with you all!

With my work and also looking after my own two little ones there is hardly a moment left. I am sure all parents can relate to this juggle, whatever age your children are. You are needed in so many different ways. Often feeling like super Mamma or Dad!

Review from Client:

” Elle captured both of my pregnancies and thus both of my girls as newborns. There were three years between the two babies, but I wouldn’t have considered going to anyone else the second time. Elle captured gorgeous and flattering pictures, on all occasions.

Elle is very patient, calm and gentle, and puts you at total ease. For me personally, this was needed – after all, few feel their best when heavily pregnant or having just given birth, but also for our second daughter esp. As a severe reflux baby, sadly she generally only screamed at that point in time. But with Elle’s help, we were able to capture some beautiful pictures, with the baby even nodding off for small moments of time.

Elle was also happy to include our miniature sausage dog in some of the photos for all shoots – after all, he’s one of the family too :)”

I’ve chosen a few pregnancy and one newborn photograph for my blog today. I will also have to share the glorious sausage dog picture mentioned in my Client’s review above! I absolutely loved their little dog!

It is always a thrill to be asked to return to capture the second pregnancy and newborn. It’s an opportunity to catch up again and to see the little newborn baby I first photographed two years ago as a bouncy happy little girl getting ready for her new baby sister! I think these shots capture that excitement and enthusiasm without any need for further words!

I hope you enjoy them!

Elle x

Pregnancy Photoshoot, Lee, South East London

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