Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chelsea London UK

The beginning of something so magical, irreplaceable …. the start of a great adventure! I love my pregnancy and newborn photoshoots. Capturing the very start of the precious and wonderful rollercoaster journey that is motherhood.

I always think of these photoshoots as a celebration of the beauty of pregnancy. Even though 9 months can feel like a lifetime especially towards the end! It is at the same time so very fleeting. Which is why I feel it is important to make a record of your pregnancy. For yourself and for your children. It is wonderful to look back and remember how incredible your body was in that moment.

These are a few of my favourite pregnancy photographs taken at a recent photoshoot in Chelsea. I always travel to my Client’s so that they don’t to leave the comfort of their home. This really helps to creates a private & intimate atmosphere. Taking the pressure and hassle of any journeys across London away. Essential during the third trimester as far as I’m concerned!

My pregnancy and newborn photography packages are very popular. I think even more so now than when I started in London 10 years ago. There is a growing appreciation and love of celebrating womanhood and motherhood in this way. I love the thought of showing my pregnancy pictures to my daughter & son in years to come. Showing them just how incredible a woman’s body is. Whether you keep them for your own personal record of have them lovingly displayed in your home. My portraits are always artfully and tastefully done. I love black & white photography which is so beautiful for maternity pictures.

After the pregnancy photoshoot, I prepare the gallery of images for viewing and thenI wait for the news! I am so lucky to be one of the first to meet the new baby. Part of that special group of visitors, allowed in to share in the joy the first precious few weeks. I am always aware of what a privilege this is.

The key to being a newborn photographer is patience, skill, understanding and technique. Being experienced means I know how to soothe and position newborn babies with their comfort and safety as my priority. I also understand that a huge part of my session’s is making sure Mum & Dad feel relaxed and comfortable. This is early days for everyone. I want the entire experience of the photoshoot and the pictures to be a memorable and happy one.

I bring lots of exquisite handmade outfits for the newborn to wear, backdrops, studio and lighting! A professional studio will pop up before your eyes in your lounge. Whilst you rest and feed your baby.

For further details please contact me, I would love to hear from you!

The finished results are displayed below. The pregnancy to newborn journey. Thank you so much to my Client for permission to share these with you!

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chelsea London UK

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chelsea London UK