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Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, South East London

Sharing a few pictures from one of my recent pregnancy and newborn photoshoot’s in London. I’ve not updated my blog and social media pages for a while due to my busy schedule but I’m so excited to start sharing some of my recent work!

Working as a photographer in London is wonderful. Each week I work with new parents and get to know so many incredible women both before their baby arrives when I take their pregnancy portraits and after welcoming their newborn bundle of joy into the world. It is a privilege and I’m grateful for the continued support and trust my Client’s place in me. I always want to capture those intimate moments and create something truly special for my Client’s to treasure. A lasting memory of this wonderful time in their life.

I believe that there is a rare strength and beauty when a woman is pregnant. It’s a very special time to photograph and wonderful to celebrate your changing body and the life it is creating in this way. With each passing week you are focussing on the changes of your little person growing inside you. It’s a journey and of course not always an easy one. All pregnancies are completely unique and the mixed feelings you have at each and every stage. I’m glad that women are choosing to celebrate this time and to capture a memory of themselves before they become a Mother. Be it your first, second or third baby or a baby, my Client’s have so many reasons for choosing to capture their pregnancy with a series of personal images.

Using items that symbolise cultural heritage as shown in this beautiful image below make for a striking portrait. As the photoshoot takes place in your home we have access to all of your personal items to try out different looks and ideas during the photoshoot. I love getting to know my Client’s in this way. Sharing stories of pregnancies and learning where they are from and what they do. It’s a wonderful way to understand them before our newborn photoshoot. It’s a great ice-breaker.

Before I return for the newborn session a gallery of images are sent to my Client’s to select their favourites. I then wait for the news of their arrival! It’s a thrill to be one of the first to receive that call or email. Depending on how the birth has been and how well Mum is recovering we will arrange a date to suit the new parents. I recommend sometime during the first three weeks but I am flexible and listen to my Client’s needs. It’s important that the family feels ready for their portraits and I just provide a guide of how the baby will be at each stage to ensure we capture the portraits they would like.

The final shot I have chosen from this series was taken at her home with her newborn baby boy. It’a natural mother and baby portrait and I absolutely love how the portraits work together.

I’m so happy to share these today, thank you for looking and of course as always thank you to my amazing Client for permission to share.

Elle x


Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, South East London



Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, South East London

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