Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8

Another beautiful summer’s day in London and I finally have some time to edit in my studio. The doors are wide open and the fresh air blowing in. A little relief from the hot sticky city air!

If you are looking for ideas for that perfect baby shower or maternity leave gift. A pregnancy and newborn photography package makes a unique and thoughtful gift. My gift vouchers come beautifully presented in a gift box. The gift voucher is personalised with your message and a set of Green & Blacks chocolates is included.

One thing I love about my pregnancy and newborn photography packages is getting to know my client’s before their baby arrives. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect and find out a little bit more about them.

Preparing for labour is something I often talk about with my Client’s. I had two very different labours and it is always lovely to share experiences with my Client’s. It can feel so overwhelming and daunting. especially with your first pregnancy.

From my personal experience positive thinking and relaxation can do wonders for preparing for the birth of your baby. Whether you are having a natural delivery or C-section. The breathing techniques and skills I learnt from hypno-birthing certainly got me through my two labours which were both completely different.

Even though she is based in South Manchester I can’t recommend Kathryn Healy enough or her beautiful website! If you are based Manchestervshe is certainly the person to contact for your hypno-birthing course. Or simply just check out her website and social media feeds for brilliant tips and advice. CalmGentleBirth

I also found the benefit’s of pregnancy yoga especially the breathing techniques and visualisation helped me in the early stages. There are many wonderful pregnancy yoga class’s in London. I absolutely loved connecting with other Mums to be. All of which have remained good friends and an essential support to me. I couldn’t be without them!

If you don’t have time to make it to a class there are some great you tube video’s now. As long as you listen to your body and don’t over do it.

I particularly loved yoga girl London for post baby yoga. You can see her fantastic video’s here and she does them in small 15minute or 20 minute session’s which is great when you are short on time! Yoga Girl London

Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8

Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8
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