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Family Photography session in Keston London Borough of Bromley

This was such a lovely family photography session in Keston London Borough of Bromley.

I arrived at their beautiful home in picturesque Keston on a sunny day in July. To be greeted by their very bubbly and funny little girl!

These session’s are designed to capture the energy and expressions of your little one. As well as lots of family moments. One thing I often hear from my Client’s (especially Mums!) is that they don’t have enough pictures with their children. I feel this is so important. These after all will be your memories of how you were together.

I love getting to know my Client’s. I chat a lot during the session and do my best to keep everyone feeling relaxed and happy. Even when the children have decided to go in a different room. That is completely fine! I will wait for them to return without adding pressure. Just gently coaxing and making everything as much of a game as possible. The result is lovely giggly shots like these.

My children are now 8 year and a 4 year’s old. I remember each stage and the different games we can play to get them involved. I also make a point of arriving at a time of day that fit’s around their nap schedule. Ensuring I start the photoshoot at their happiest time of day.

Children between the age of 18months – 2 years old have very limited attention spans. These session’s are lively and fast! I really enjoy the energy that comes out in the pictures as a result of this.

Family session’s can be booked for weekdays and weekends. I don’t do after school session’s for young children. Experience has taught me that this is not a good time of day for tired little ones! For older children after school is fine. Otherwise I would recommend opting for a weekend photoshoot.

Family photoshoot’s also make wonderful gift’s. I have fantastic photography gift voucher packages which can be purchased online HERE

or contact me for a bespoke package, I would love to hear from you!

Elle x

Family Photography session in Keston London Borough of Bromley

Newborn Photoshoot Dulwich London SE19

A few of my favourites from a recent newborn photoshoot Dulwich London SE19

It was a joy to photograph the very beginning of this little one’s great adventure. She didn’t want to sleep at first, gazing at me intently on her mothers shoulder. She had the most incredible eyes. Very alert and curious for a newborn. After lots of cuddling, soothing and feeding from Mum she finally nodded off. Allowing me to capture her whilst she was dreaming.

I always opt for natural newborn positions. Carefully placing them onto my super soft baby bean bag for ultimate comfort. I take their lead, always following how they feel. For example if they don’t want to turn their heads in the direction I would like, I’ll wait and try that position later. When they are in a deeper sleep. As a newborn photographer every step of the way you have to treat newborns with care and a very delicate hand. This skill comes with experience and patience. Lots of patience. I move slowly and take their comfort into consideration at all times. This gives my photographs a much more natural and gentle look.

I am so grateful that new parents put their trust in me. I am respectful of that and of being a visitor in their home at this special time.

Coming to my Client’s homes for their pregnancy, newborn, baby and family photography sessions allows me the freedom to create an intimate studio setting. I like a calm atmosphere and I can easily bring the studio to life in any space. I have worked in huge expansive rooms and more compact apartment rooms. I am used to adapting when I arrive to make the most out of the session and to get the best shots.

My aim is to put everyone at ease and make their photoshoot experience enjoyable from start to finish. From the moment the booking is made to the moment they receive their finished images and products.

I received the most generous compliment this week from a family I had photographed a couple of years ago. They kindly emailed me and said:

“I thought I would get in touch to say that we gaze at your magical photos each day on our walls and just love them so much.”

Thank you so much, that was one of the best compliments I have received and written so beautifully!

I am now taking bookings for September onwards. I have only a few August spaces remaining and availability is limited but please do get in touch as I will always try to fit you in where I can.

Contact me HERE

Newborn Photoshoot Dulwich London SE19

Newborn Photoshoot Dulwich London SE19

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chislehurst BR7

I’m so happy to share some of these pictures I took at a recent pregnancy and newborn photoshoot in Chislehurst, South East London.

I have to admit I think all babies are beautiful. There is nothing more incredible to me. I love to photograph their perfectly tiny feet and capture them in the most beautiful natural way possible.

That’s why I was delighted when the parents of this little cutie wanted to opt for very natural shots. I love the simplicity of these pictures. There are no distractions of props. Just the pure beauty of the newborn baby.

As you can see this little one had the most gorgeous hair! I love that. She looks absolutely perfect against my soft cream backdrop. And so adorable curled up next to her new little bunny toy.

It is so nice to include personal toys in newborn photographs. It’s a great way to show how tiny they are. I have a favourite shot of my baby girl with her ‘night time ted’. He was once the same size as her and so fluffy! Quite the contrast to the very loved, dishevelled bear he is today.

I also love this pregnancy shot of Mum. I just think she looks so radiant and happy. We had a lot of fun during both session’s. Mum did so well considering the heat on both days! We were melting but it doesn’t show at all in the pictures.

If you are interested in a pregnancy and newborn photoshoot I would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with your details HERE

I travel to my Client’s home with my portable studio so that you don’t have to leave your front room. I am happy to travel to London zones 1-5 including Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Islington, Dulwich, St. Johns Wood, Holland Park, Hampstead, Greenwhich, Blackheath, Docklands, Lambeth, southwark, london Bridge, Tower Hamlets, Canary Wharf, shoreditch, Hoxton, Old Street, Clerkenwell, Marylebone, Mayfair, Chislehurst, Bromley, Brockley, Blackheath, Sevenoaks, Bexleyheath, Bickley, Wimbledon. I will also travel further to areas just outside of London such as Essex, Kent and Surrey. Please note additional travel charges may apply.

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chislehurst BR7

Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chislehurst BR7
Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer Chislehurst BR7

Baby and family photoshoot London

Baby and family photoshoot London. All pictures taken at my Client’s home in Notting Hill.

Having photographed both the pregnancy and newborn moments for this family. I was delighted to be asked to return for this special family occasion. With both sets of Grandparents present as well as Uncle’s and Aunts. It was a delight to capture them all together. In celebration of this beautiful little boy!

Their pregnancy and newborn photoshoot was in my classic black and white style. Loved by so many of my clients. Then for their baby and family photoshoot they chose to have beautiful colour photographs.

Adding a wonderful contrast to their gallery. I have included a small selection from each photoshoot.

I am often asked ‘will you include the grandparents?’ The answer is ‘yes!’

There is nothing I love more than to include grandparents in photoshoot’s. It’s capturing these special moments for a family that I love more than anything. It is also such a treat to get to know the whole family. Hearing stories from their past. Where they brought their children up. How they were as children and how much they love their new grandchild!

I know how special these pictures are. It is a great honour to be asked to capture them.

In fact I have just returned from a newborn photoshoot in Old Street. Both sets of grandmothers were visiting from their respective countries. Their time with their new grandchild was limited and precious. They asked me to kindly come and capture some special moments between them and their new grandchild before they left. I was so happy to be able to do this for them.

It takes me back to how my parents rushed to see me after both of my babies were born. How much it meant to me that they were there. I love the photographs taken with me, my parents and my new baby more than anything.

And so… I hope you enjoy a little snippet of this families journey. I’m so grateful to be able to share these with you.

If you would like to book your pregnancy, newborn, baby and family photoshoot or more details please contact me HERE

I would love to hear from you

Elle x

The Pregnancy and Newborn Journey

Baby and Family photoshoot London

The first Birthday!

Baby and family photoshoot London

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography Wapping London

I loved creating these pregnancy and newborn shots for this beautiful family. All taken in their home close to the incredible historic tobacco yard of Wapping London.

I consider myself lucky to meet families at such a happy time. There is no greater joy than expecting a baby. I love capturing the moments before and then the very special moments in the first few weeks after birth. It is an honour & a privilege to be invited into the home in these precious weeks to photograph the new arrival.

I often think of how my pictures will be shared and cherished by the families I create them for. Passed on from generation to generation. To this little ones grandchildren and great grandchildren. Taking on a new life of their own.

When I’m photographing a couple for their pregnancy portraits I want to capture the essence of them as a couple. The energy between them and of course (without sounding cliche) their love for each other.

This is just a small selection of the final images they chose. As a photographer you know in an instant when you have captured ‘that moment’ between two people. When they are relaxed and enjoying the photoshoot. It comes across in the photographs. That’s the magic moment. A brief moment in time preserved for a lifetime.

Returning to meet their newborn baby girl was very special indeed. At first this little one just didn’t want to sleep. But she was so calm and peaceful. Perfect for capturing these stunning awake shots. Before finally, with a little cuddling from Dad and a lot of feeding from Mum. She fell asleep.

A week later and I returned to their home for their private viewing. This is a separate appointment in the home which I offer to all Client’s after their photoshoot. It’s an opportunity to look through all of the images with me. To view product samples from my handmade album and frame range. with me on hand to offer advice and help with those final choices.

I always enjoy reviewing the pictures with my Client’s. It’s the final piece of the journey. For this session my client’s chose a handmade album for themselves with three smaller albums for family. All finished in natural linen with their daughters name and date of birth embossed on the front. A stunning set of thank you cards with one of their favourite pictures. And of course the very popular retouched digital images so that they can print and reproduce their pictures as often as they like.

Once the choices have been made I return home to my studio to begin processing the order. Images are retouched, albums and card layouts designed and once approved everything goes into production.

I pride myself in providing the best finished images and high quality products to my Client’s. to ensure they can continue to enjoy their pictures for years to come. I have a long standing relationship with my printers, framers and book makers (over 10 years!). We work together to ensure we are providing the best and staying up to date with current trends & colour styles.

For further details please contact me HERE I would love to hear from you

Elle x

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography wapping London

Pregnancy and Newborn Photography wapping London

Newborn and Family Photoshoot London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Back to my classic black & white style which is so popular with my Client’s for this newborn and family photoshoot.

I am always happy to mix a bit of colour in when requested. But I truly love the look and feel of these images. Also because this was the second newborn photoshoot for me with this family. I first met them back in 2017 after the birth of their first son. I am always so grateful to be asked to return to continue the tradition of newborn photoshoots. Returning to their beautiful home I was really taken with the beautiful display of framed portraits from our photoshoot. Throughout their home. It is so rewarding to see how much the pictures are enjoyed and loved.

Seeing this little one again was so much fun. Just look how adorable he is! His beautiful blonde hair looking striking in the black and white photographs I took.

Our time with Dad was limited as he had to leave for work but I’m so happy with the shots. A few tender moments frozen in time.

Then I had some very special time with Mum and her two boys. I remember those early days so well with my second baby. The adjustment to becoming a Mum of two. I found it to be quite overwhelming at times but my beautiful Client seem to be taking it all in her stride perfectly!

I am always happy to speak on the phone and chat through details. However, it is sometimes difficult for me to answer the phone as I am often busy with photoshoot’s during the day. Please use the contact page and I will be happy to call you back at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

For details contact me HERE

Elle x

Newborn and Family Photoshoot London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Newborn and Family Photoshoot London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1

This was a lovely photoshoot. Especially as Grandma and Grandad were there all the way from Canada to be photographed with their new grandchild!

The families I meet come from all over the world. All with their own story to tell. All with a special journey into parenthood. I am lucky to share in the magic of that moment with them. Capturing a lasting memory which will stay with them forever.

I consider it a privilege make my living as a portrait photographer. With every photoshoot I undertake. I am conscious of my responsibility to capture the right expression and feeling. To correctly represent the family I’m photographing.

A Client asked me recently if I knew when I had “got the shot”. The answer is yes I do! There is a moment during each session when everything falls into place. The baby is calm and the parents are relaxed. They have put their trust in me. In brief section of time we’ve let ourselves know each other. It is fleeting and yet preserved for a lifetime.

For this session my Client’s requested mostly colour images. I loved incorporating their ideas. Especially the unique addition of using Mum’s belly cast. Just two weeks after birth her newborn baby still sleeps peacefully in that incredible shape. Cocooned perfectly. How amazing is it to see how she would have been inside her mother.

If you have a belly cast I would be very happy to incorporate a shot like this into your newborn photoshoot.

Of course I am also a huge fan of involving Grandparents in newborn photography session’s. Just look how special this picture is. They were so overjoyed to be there. A very special memory for them all.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog today. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing some of my recent work. There will be more images uploaded soon. Just as soon as I’ve finished my next batch of orders and photoshoot’s.

I am also very excited to announce that my new website will be launched very soon! Watch this space!

Elle x

Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1

Newborn Photography session Bermondsey London SE1

Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8

Another beautiful summer’s day in London and I finally have some time to edit in my studio. The doors are wide open and the fresh air blowing in. A little relief from the hot sticky city air!

If you are looking for ideas for that perfect baby shower or maternity leave gift. A pregnancy and newborn photography package makes a unique and thoughtful gift. My gift vouchers come beautifully presented in a gift box. The gift voucher is personalised with your message and a set of Green & Blacks chocolates is included.

One thing I love about my pregnancy and newborn photography packages is getting to know my client’s before their baby arrives. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect and find out a little bit more about them.

Preparing for labour is something I often talk about with my Client’s. I had two very different labours and it is always lovely to share experiences with my Client’s. It can feel so overwhelming and daunting. especially with your first pregnancy.

From my personal experience positive thinking and relaxation can do wonders for preparing for the birth of your baby. Whether you are having a natural delivery or C-section. The breathing techniques and skills I learnt from hypno-birthing certainly got me through my two labours which were both completely different.

Even though she is based in South Manchester I can’t recommend Kathryn Healy enough or her beautiful website! If you are based Manchestervshe is certainly the person to contact for your hypno-birthing course. Or simply just check out her website and social media feeds for brilliant tips and advice. CalmGentleBirth

I also found the benefit’s of pregnancy yoga especially the breathing techniques and visualisation helped me in the early stages. There are many wonderful pregnancy yoga class’s in London. I absolutely loved connecting with other Mums to be. All of which have remained good friends and an essential support to me. I couldn’t be without them!

If you don’t have time to make it to a class there are some great you tube video’s now. As long as you listen to your body and don’t over do it.

I particularly loved yoga girl London for post baby yoga. You can see her fantastic video’s here and she does them in small 15minute or 20 minute session’s which is great when you are short on time! Yoga Girl London

Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8

Pregnancy Photoshoot Kensington London W8
Pregnancy Photographer london

Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK

Twins! How wonderful is it to be able to photograph not one but two newborn’s at the same time! I get so excited when I’m booked for a twin newborn photography session. It is one of the most magical experiences. Observing how these two beautiful being’s curl up together and move almost in sync with each other.

This session was with newborn boy and girl twins. The perfect set! A brother & sister, best friends forever.

People often talk about the twin connection. The incredible bond between these two people who grew together inside their Mum. They will share that beautiful connection forever.

It is certainly very evident during the session. If one twin is becoming fractious I often find settling them next to each other really helps. The instant calming effect of being close to the other. Hearing the other one breathe.

Twin session’s do take longer than a single baby newborn session. But the results are so worth it!

Like all my session’s I take my time. Allowing the babies to feed as often as they need. It’s still very early days for the new parents and their baby’s. I always try to be sensitive to their needs and work with everyone to create a positive newborn photoshoot experience.

When I first arrived at their home for their newborn photoshoot, there was an absolute family team working to make sure the new parents were looked after. It was so lovely to witness. Flown in from Brazil were the Grandparents and Uncle. All happy to lend a hand and so over the moon to be with their new family members.

Having your first baby can be very daunting and I’m always so happy to see families pull together in this way. It reminds me of when I had my daughter and my wonderful Mum & Dad arrived from the Island (the Isle of Wight for those non Islanders). Armed with home made stew, beautiful refreshing linen sprays, lavender, moisturiser, Mum first aid recovery kit and adorable baby clothes for my daughter. So lovingly chosen by my Mum. I felt so relieved to see them and to overjoyed to share their new granddaughter with them!

I have these memories so fresh in my mind that I always know how important each newborn photography session is.

I cover all of London and my client’s come from all corners of the world! One of the best parts of my work is getting to know people and capturing the most precious memories for them. Ones that will live on in their family for generations to come.

Newborn Twin Bookings can be made in advance and the date pre-booked if you are having a planned delivery. Do get in touch: contact me here

Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK

Baby Twin Newborn Photographer London UK

Newborn Photography session Greenwich SE London

I’m so pleased to finally share these pictures! I have some beautiful session’s poised and ready to share but I rarely have a moment to sit down and write my post’s these days.

Don’t worry I am very, very happy to be this busy. It is truly a wonderful gift to be asked to photograph so many families across London. I often have to pinch myself that this is my real profession!

And then to receive wonderful feedback like this review below, I am truly grateful!

Google Review:

” I had my baby photographed by Elle when he was 4 weeks old, Elle made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend using Elle for this special moment. She took her time, was patient and knew how to get the right shots with my little one. The quality of the printed photos, frame and books are brilliant. From the photo shoot to selecting the pictures to the delivery of them Elle kept in touch with me, let me know whats happening and the delivery was super fast. Book her straight away you will not be disappointed.”

There is so much joy in photographing a newborn baby. From spending time with the new parents and capturing their first moments together as a family. To photographing the tiny details that I love such as this little ones baby curls, tiny feet and button nose.

My black & white newborn photography style is very popular with my Clients. It’s classic and has the printed photographs have an extra special quality. I also love missing it up with a little soft colour shots. This incredibly sweet picture of their baby in my grey pom pom hat and matching nappy cover shorts worked just as well in colour as it does in black & white.

I’ll be adding more colour examples as we update my website (exciting new products and website coming soon!).

Thank you, if you are expecting or even if your little one has arrived please contact me to make a booking. I would love to hear from you!

Elle x

Contact me to make a booking

Newborn Photographer Greenwich

Newborn Photographer Greenwich
Newborn Photographer Greenwich