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Newborn photography – when is the best stage to photograph?

Newborn photography – when is the best stage to photograph?

I’m often asked this question. In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked for newborn photography – when is the best stage to photograph?

Over the 13 years that I have worked as a newborn photographer I have learnt many things.

One of the most important things that I have learnt is that there certainly is no right or wrong time to photograph your new baby.

The reason I say this is because I think many new parents worry they have missed “the window” if they have not arranged for newborn photography within the first two weeks of birth.

In my opinion this couldn’t be further from the truth, which is why I provide this guidance to parents booking with me:

Newborn Photography – When should I book my photoshoot?

If you have pre-booked your newborn photography session with me before your baby arrives then we will have been communicating already by email.

I will have advised that once your baby arrives simply let me know and we will then look at the best dates for your newborn photoshoot at home.

As all deliveries and newborns are different I provide a very loose guide for the timeframe of this and the leave the choice of when is best to the parents.

I am very happy to come to your home and photograph your new baby any time from the second week after birth onwards. I have experience of photographing babies at all stages.

One thing I do like to do is to reassure new parents that if for any reason the photoshoot doesn’t take place until the third, fourth, fifth or even sixth week after birth it really is fine.

The pictures will be just as beautiful at any stage and just as precious.

I would never want to put pressure on anyone to have their photoshoot too early and sometimes extra time is needed to adjust to life as new parents and of course allow for recovery and any hospital care that is needed.

A beautiful 8 week old “new baby” photographed at home

I’ve chosen this beautiful new baby image as an example of how wonderful your photoshoot will look at any stage.

She was the perfect angel and actually sleepier than some two week old newborns that I’ve photographed.

Newborn Photography – The advantages of waiting for your baby photoshoot

It is worth mentioning that I do also think there are some wonderful advantages to having your newborn and family photoshoot a little later.

For one thing you will have had some time to be together as a family. To adjust to being new parents, to recover from birth and to have got to know your new arrival in these first weeks.

I will be there on the day of the photoshoot to reassure you at every step and to work with your baby at the stage they are then.

There is also a wonderful opportunity for parent portraits and gorgeous wide awake shots!

A little of their personality already starting to show and even some smiles creeping through!

Do you photograph all ages?

I photograph from newborn all the way through the first year and beyond! I particularly love returning to photograph children as they grow and to form relationships with them and their families.

Photographing older children and teenagers is such a wonderful experience. I love working with them to capture truly original portraits that reflect their personality. WIth over 13 years experience, I am very lucky to return again and again to many of the families that I have been working with since their pregnancy of their first child.

How do I contact you?

Getting in touch couldn’t be easier, I’m contactable by email, Whatsapp and via my contact page.

I always reply within 24 hours and I’m very happy to help provide advice on my packages

This year I have also added all of my pricing to my website. I hope this gives you confidence to book and to clearly see my pricing structure. I’ve worked hard over the years to find the best products for your images and also to provide the best service for retouching and processing your finished digital images.

Thank you so much for looking at my website, I hope to hear from you soon,


Top 5 tips for Newborn Photography

Top 5 tips for Newborn Photography

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I’m pleased to be able to finally share my top 5 tips for newborn photography.

Tip 1 – Create a calm atmosphere

I know you might think this goes without saying but this is an essential part to every successful newborn photoshoot I do. It is not only important that you are calm and collected during the photoshoot. But also that you have the experience to be able to put your subjects at ease. Particularly looking after the new parents.

I always understand that my Client’s may be apprehensive about how their photoshoot will go. How their little one will be on the day and my job is to reassure and to help everything run smoothly.

The key is that with newborns you need to be flexible. Allow plenty of time and don’t rush anything. This will help the session flow in a stress free way with plenty of opportunity to capture many beautiful moments.

Top 5 tips for Newborn Photography

Tip 2 – Preparation for newborn photography

For a smooth and enjoyable newborn photoshoot preparations is key. Whether you are photographing in a studio or at your Client’s home. Make sure that you have everything you need prepared and ready the day before.

Blankets and props washed and ready and anything you have discussed with the family prepared and ready to use.

Providing some pre-photoshoot tips and advice to your Clients before so that they know what to expect and to help the prepare is something I have always done.

Newborn Photography

Tip 3 – Be Flexible

Newborn photoshoots don’t always run to plan. It’s important to use your experience to help settle the baby and to understand that each session can take more time that expected. Be adaptable and work around the family.

I often move between family shots and newborn shots depending on how the baby is at different stages. Their comfort is always more important than anything else and helping the baby to stay calm and content will help the flow of the session and result in beautiful photographs.

A top tip is that for newborns I only ever book one newborn photoshoot per day. This takes away time pressure.


Tip 3 – Detailed shots

Once you have baby settled create beautiful detailed, these add to the gallery of images and create wonderful interest and form an important memory for the parents.

I think it’s important to have a key shot list of images that you know your Client’s will love. I create this each time as well as trying new portraits for my Clients. Each photoshoot is as unique as the family you are photographing and the results are always surprising.

Tip 4 – Parent Portraits

It goes without saying that these are some of the most important images in the session. Allow plenty of time to create individual mother & baby and father & baby portraits.

There are many opportunities to capture these during a newborn photoshoot. I like to grab moments that aren’t planned such as when baby has just fed and is settling on Mums shoulder like this image below.

Parent Portraits
Tip 5 – Use white noise to help settle the baby

I use the Baby Shusher for every newborn photography session I do. I put this on when I am changing the position of the baby and just to help keep baby calm. I have to say it also has a calming effect on everyone as we all struggle to stay awake once the shusher is switched on.

I’ve lost count of the number of times parents have ordered one of these during my photoshoots. It is just another element to help calm the baby and to ensure they are comfortable.

Baby photography

I hope you found some of these simple guidelines useful. Newborn photography is also something that is very instinctive to me and with over 13 years experience photographing babies and families much of this just comes naturally. If you enjoy working with children and babies it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

With time your experience, ability and confidence will grow. It is essential that you follow careful training and have a good understanding of newborns and how to safely care for them and position them before you begin.

You may also find my FAQ section helpful and also my T&C’s if you would like more booking details

For these top 5 newborn photography tips I have chosen images from one session to show the variety created.

All of my newborn photography sessions take place in my Client’s homes and I bring my studio, lighting and a selection of handmade baby outfits and props with me to each session.

Pregnancy Photography in South London

Pregnancy Photography in South London

Featuring one of my favourite recent pregnancy photography sessions in South London.

The way this silk moves with my wind machine is like flowing water. This was such a beautiful pregnancy photography session at my Client’s home in Woolwich. When I arrived at their lovely waterfront apartment with my portable studio I was greeted by her family. Both her sisters, her two year old nephew and her husband were there to help with the photoshoot. It was a wonderful family occasion to celebrate her pregnancy.

I set my studio up in their lounge whilst Mum continued to get ready. My photography studio set-up is so adaptable and I’m able to make everything come together in even the smallest of spaces. It is always wonderful to see the space transform into an intimate studio. Providing ease and comfort to the pregnancy photography session.

We tried a number of different looks, some with the soft pressed silks that I brought with me. Some with her own items of clothing. All creating very different looks.

This is one of my favourites as I love how the silk moved in this moment and her hair swept over the side, my lighting worked beautifully and everything just came together for me in this one shot.

Maternity photography at home

Creating different looks to the portraits whilst using my home studio is something I’ve worked hard on over the years.

I bring two backdrop and often change my lighting to give a different feel to each image. There is also a lot of joy with these photoshoots. There is always laughter and a strong connection between myself and my subject that happens each time. These moments take place because, I believe, my Client’s feel completely at ease in their own home and with me as their photographer. I’ve been told this over the years and it is the greatest compliment I could possibly receive.

The second image I’ve chosen for this post has a more relaxed feel. I love the jeans and crop top look which has become a key look in each maternity session I do.

Adding a little wind from my wind machine gives movement and energy to this pose.

Black & White maternity photography

I’m a huge fan of black & white photography. In fact my love of black & white portraits is what led me into photography in the first instance. For me these images have an iconic and nostalgic feel to them. I love this traditional form of photography and still to this day believe that these images stand the test of time.

This is the third shot I’ve chosen from this pregnancy photography session in South London to show on my blog.

I love how simple this shot is but how powerful it also is. She looks like a film star and these will form a treasured memory of this time I am sure for many years to come.

Booking your maternity photoshoot

To get in touch to book your pregnancy photography session with me I can be contacted either via Whatsapp (click on the whatsapp button on my website for ease), via my contact page, or by phone. Please note that I sometimes can’t answer calls and the best way to contact me is via email or Whatsapp.

I always reply within 24 hours to assist with bookings.

For locations I cover London, South East London, South West London, Central London, North London, West London, Essex, Kent and Surrey. For some areas I can only travel to certain parts such as I only cover certain areas of Kent & Surrey that are close to London so please do get in touch to see if you area is covered.

If you would like to view further sessions please do look at my instagram which is updated weekly.

Newborn twin photography in your home

Newborn twin photography in your home

Newborn twin photography in your home is a convenient and enjoyable way to capture a lasting memory of this special time for you and your family.

With all that there is to do after the birth of your newborn twins, I believe it is so important to take a moment to enjoy them and to celebrate their arrival. After all you’ve waited so long for them to arrive and now they are finally here!

With each newborn twin photoshoot I do, there is a lot of preparation and care before to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

I will be in contact before our photoshoot to provide tips and guidance. Ensuring that we have everything on the day that your newborn twins need.

A beautiful aspect of newborn twin photography in your home is that you will already have all you need to hand.

Newborn twin photography in your home

Preparing for your newborn twin photography in your home

I like to ensure that you are able to continue to rest and recover after the birth of your twins. Your comfort and the comfort of your newborn babies is always my priority.

For this and many other reasons I choose to bring my portable studio to you for your newborn twin photography in your home session. It’s the most wonderful format for new parents which allows everyone to relax and enjoy the photoshoot with no pressure or stress.

As I only book one newborn photoshoot per day this allows plenty of time and flexibility which is needed for newborn twin photography.

Before our session I will prepare all the tips and guidance that you need to have everything ready on the day.

I will also bring a selection of handmade baby outfits and accessories, plenty for your newborn twins.

When to book your newborn twin photography

Like with all my newborn sessions I recommend booking as soon as possible after your 20 week scan.

Once you are booked I will add you to my calendar of newborn sessions for the month of your due date and we will keep in touch. Once your twins arrive we will set the date for the session.

I am very flexible with date changes and fully understand that there are many important appointments needed after birth. The health of you and your babies comes first and our session will take place at the right time for you and your family.

What will happen on the day of the photoshoot?

On the day of our session I will arrive at our pre-arranged time.

I will set up my photography studio in your home whilst you focus on your babies and getting anything finished and ready.

My photography sessions are always baby led which means I will follow the needs of your newborn baby at every stage of the session.

Newborn twin photography sessions take time, care and patience. I am always more than happy to wait for feeds and I will spend equal amounts of time with each baby. Photographing them individually if one isn’t ready and then gently positioning them together at the right time.

I am there to help and there is no pressure or need to worry at any stage of the session. I am there to put you at ease and to help everything run smoothly.

What happens after our photoshoot?

I will leave you to continue your baby moon and edit your wonderful pictures into a viewing gallery.

As soon as this is ready I will be in touch to arrange a date for your private online viewing appointment. This is when you will choose your favourite images and which digital image / product package you would like.

Again these viewings are arranged with your convenience in mind and we will find a time that works for you. my viewings take place via zoom so that you can relax and make your selection in the comfort of your own home.

What packages are available for newborn twins?

I don’t have an additional fee for newborn twin photography in your home and you will find my standard newborn photography and image pricing here

I have photographed many twins over the years and each session is a joy. I love seeing how they respond to each other when I snuggle them into poses. I don’t think there is any greater joy than watching two beautiful newborn babies together.

For further examples of newborn twin portraits please view my instagram page

If you are also interested in capturing your pregnancy before your twins arrive I have a wonderful maternity & newborn package – details can be found on my pricing page.

Please do get in touch and I’d be happy to help, I can be contacted via my contact page or for convenience click on the Whatsapp button and contact me for details. I always respond within 24 hours.

Pregnancy photography for couples

Pregnancy photography for couples

Couple portraits for pregnancy photoshoots

I’m often asked if it is possible to include pregnancy photography for couples with my sessions. My answer is always ” of course! “. In fact my photography sessions not only comfortably include your usually camera shy partner but I am also also always happy to include other family members as well.

Details and arrangements for these portraits will be made before your session.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere for your pregnancy photography session

I think key to achieving beautiful and natural couple portraits is to create a relaxed atmosphere that is lighthearted and fun.

Standing in front of the camera can feel very unnatural in the beginning but my aim is for you to enjoy your session so much that you almost forget I’m there taking your pictures.

Once I have set up my mobile studio in your home the rest of the session will flow in the most comfortable way. The results are natural portraits like this one which I absolutely love from a recent photoshoot in London.

When to book your session

Any time after your 20 week scan is ideal to contact me and schedule your maternity photoshoot. I will be happy to discuss ideas and find a date that works best for you.

I usually recommend that we arrange a date for when you are between 32-36 weeks. If you are expecting twins you may prefer to arrange a date earlier than this. I will always work with your preferences to help arrange a session that is tailored to your needs.

Pregnancy & Newborn Photography

I also offer a discounted pregnancy and newborn photography package. book two photoshoots together and recieve a £60.00 discount.

The session fee includes your two private photography sessions at home, my time during and after each photoshoot preparing your online, edited viewing gallery, use of my handmade newborn outfits for your baby photoshoot and silks for your pregnancy photoshoot. Each photoshoot also includes one complimentary fine art archival print hand mounted to fit a 10″ x 12″ frame.

Digital images and products are not included with the session fee and are available to purchase after your photoshoot. For a full digital image and product pricing please contact me for details.

For details please see my session pricing guide