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Baby & Family Photographer South London

Mar 8, 2023

Capturing the details! Those all important little details. The tiny hands, feet, eyelashes, curls and the little button nose! I love thinking of new creative ways to capture your newborn baby’s little features during our newborn photoshoot. As a Baby & Family photographer in South London, I was happy to travel to their family home in South East London for our photoshoot.

This beautiful little hand in hand moment was something the parents had asked me to capture on the day. Their hands with their babys hand gently placed on top. I couldn’t decide which I loved more – the colour or the black & white so I have included them both for you to decide!

I can’t stop looking at the detail in their hands. There is such a powerful connection with the strength and protection of the parents cupping their tiny babys hand.

When I look back at photographs of my children as babies it is these beautiful shots that I cherish. I used to measure my daughters hands and feet against mine all the time. I watched her feet dangle from up high when she sat on a chair and now they are placed firmly on the ground.

Baby & Family photographer in South London, let me capture the details of your new baby

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