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Baby Photoshoot in Islington N1

I recently had a wonderful baby photography session in Islington with this beautiful 7 and a half month old baby boy. It is an absolute joy to photograph babies at all stages during the first year with each milestone bringing a new development and chapter to their personality. When I am contacted to ask “what is the right time to photograph my baby?” my answer is always any time!

This family were sad that they missed out on the newborn photoshoot due to other commitments and adjusting to becoming a new family. I reassured them that we would be able to capture equally beautiful moments of their baby at this age. Pictures that celebrate him as a 7 and a half month baby. Full of character and fun!

Baby Photography in Islington with a 7 month old baby

At this age I always arrange a time of day that works with the babies natural pattern of naps and feeds. Arranging to arrive at a time of day that works for the family. If everything has gone out the window that day in terms of nap times etc (as it often does!) there is no stress as I only book one photoshoot per day and I am always happy to wait whilst baby is fed and even has an extra nap. In fact this often provides the perfect opportunity for some beautiful nap-time photographs!

The photograph I’ve chosen for my blog today just sums up this photoshoot so well! I absolutely love his cheeky expression. It was such a thrill to photograph him and to capture this special shot.

What I love about photographing this age is the different shots that can be achieved. As well as family portraits, mother & baby photography and father & baby photography. I am able to photograph the baby sitting down. These are often referred to by baby photographers as sitting sessions. I like to experiment with different positions, finding what makes the baby happiest.

Baby photoshoots are lots of fun. Of course most of the time we are all being very silly just trying to coax those smiles out and make the little one laugh!

Being in their own home environment helps the baby to feel calm, safe and relaxed. I love to bring my photography studio into the home of the families I photograph. Making life as easy as possible.

Baby photography memories captured for your home

Photographs like these deserved to be beautifully framed and hung on the wall. To make you smile every time you walk past. The family have chosen some wonderful pictures including this one and many more. A mixture of black and white baby photography and colour baby photography was included with this session. I can’t wait to see the finished prints hanging on the wall in their home.

I’ve recently received this lovely feedback from the family following our photoshoot. You can read it here with other google reviews 

I can’t wait to update my website with lots of my 2022 baby photoshoots when I have some more time but for now for the most up to date gallery please do check out my instagram page

For baby photography details please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you and meet your family soon x

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