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Maternity Photography Balham South West London

Jul 13, 2023

A dream maternity photography session in Balham South West London. After being recommended by a friend who I also photographed it was wonderful to meet and photograph this beautiful mother-to-be.

Maternity Photography in your home

It has always been important to me to travel to the homes of my Clients and to make sure that their maternity photoshoot is relaxed and enjoyable with minimum effort. I really do love to bring the whole studio to the home with the knowledge that I have made life just a little bit easier for the new parents to be!

I think maternity photography should be elegant and artistic. It’s wonderful to be able to do this in the comfort of your own home. Using my beautiful presses silks and bandeau tops which I bring to each maternity photoshoot. Along with my backdrops, lighting and wind machine to create beautiful portraits – all in your own lounge!

Feeling confident during your maternity photoshoot

What I also love is how intimate and personal these maternity photoshoots feel. It is not uncommon for my Clients to feel apprehensive about doing something like this and often I am told that they don’t naturally feel comfortable in front of the camera. With this in mind I like to work to put you at ease straight away and to give you the confidence to enjoy your photoshoot. I want you to feel happy in front of the camera and most of all to have fun.

I can honestly say that by the end of each photoshoot we are chatting like old friends. This is partly due to my love of meeting new people, sharing in their journey and discussing all things motherhood and maternity!

The importance of maternity photography

I simply don’t ever take for granted how this time feels to each new mother to be I photograph and with each photoshoot the memories of how I felt come flooding back. It’s one of the biggest steps in your life, I remember it so well and I always feel connected to my Clients in this way.

I also feel it’s important to have a record to this time. To show your child how you carried them with grace and beauty and how you loved bringing them into the world.

A maternity photoshoot is also wonderful if you haven’t been having a good pregnancy or have been feeling not so good. I often find that with my Client’s who have felt this way the photographs can make them feel so joyful and completely change their perspective on their body, how they look and to give them something to feel truly proud of in that moment.

Using silks

Now I am a fan of using silks for my maternity photographs. For this portrait we had a little help from Dad as well as my wind machine. I asked him to stand just to the left off camera and on my instruction throw the silk into the air. In this portrait she is actually looking back and up at her husband. They were smiling at each other and it’s that connection that makes this portrait so beautiful. You can just see how happy she is and I love that and that they will know that this was a moment between the two of them.

Maternity Photography Balham South West London

As well as South West London I am happy to travel to all corners of this great city and beyond. I currently cover London, Surrey, Essex and Kent so please do get in touch to book your at home maternity photography session with me. Contact me via my booking page here 

I look forward to talking to you soon

Elle x

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