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Newborn and Family Photography in Clapham

Jun 12, 2024

This was a wonderful Newborn and Family Photography in Clapham session. There is nothing I love more than to include siblings during my at home newborn photoshoots.

Whilst their newborn baby brother or sister is being fed and settled I always find a window of opportunity to do some very special portraits which are all about them.

For this session I was greeted by this lovely little girl who had spent a long time getting ready with her mum. Choosing her outfit, her clip on earrings and necklace and having her hair brushed. She was so happy to be photographed and I wanted to capture that moment in time.

Newborn and Family photography in clapham

What to expect at your newborn & family photoshoot

Before your newborn & family photography session I will email my carefully prepared pre-photoshoot guidance to help you and your family prepare.

There isn’t too much to be done as I will bring everything needed for your photography session to your home. I will guide you and your family on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We will also have pre-arranged a time of day that is convenient for you and your family whilst ensuring it is a time of day when your child is at his or her happiest. I often find the morning is best.

When photographing a newborn baby and older children I like to format my session so that the children don’t have to wait around for too long for baby to settle. The beauty of being in their own home is that they are able to play and show me their toys whilst we wait for baby. We can chat and get to know each other whilst taking some beautiful individual portraits. I like to make a fuss of them and make sure they know how this photoshoot is just as much about them as it is their newborn sibling.

I always begin with family shots when possible and then the sibling shots. Then they are free to go and play and won’t need to take part in any more pictures unless they want to.

This gives plenty of time to focus on the newborn portraits.

The Newborn Portraits

Once settled the magic of newborn photography is created in your home. I’m very happy to help with your newborn at all stages of your photohsoots.

WIth over a decade of experience as a newborn photographer and as a mother of two you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands.

I love to help sooth your little one and gently position them on my safe and comfortable newborn studio bed. (I bring this and my backdrops to your home).

Clothing for your newborn baby is supplied by me. I have delicate handmade baby outfits and accessories for you to choose from. Each item is handmade by professional newborn baby knitwear designers. They use the softest wools that are perfect for babies sensitive skin and I have worked with the same team for years.

What if my newborn won’t settle?

This is a question I am regularly asked by my Clients before our photoshoot. I will always try to reassure you before your photoshoot that you do not to worry about this at all.

I would never expect you or your newborn to be perfectly ready when I arrive. In fact often the first part of our session can be spent feeding and getting your newborn ready. This is very normal.

The reason I give such a large window of time for my newborn photography sessions is not because we will be actively taking photographs the entire time but it is to allow for as much time as is needed to prepare your little one.

Each day with a newborn is different and there is no routine in these early days. I’m there to help guide and to know when the time is right to begin the session.

I only book one newborn and family photography session per day.

This allows for my travel time and for my time during your session to be uninterrupted.

Would you like to find out more?

I would love to capture your newborn and family moments for you. Head over to my contact page and tell me a little more about what you are looking for.

I’m always happy to help and answer any questions you have. I’d love to hear more about you and help to prepare a photography package that’s perfect for you and your family.

From my customers

I’m very proud to have worked with many wonderful families over the years. Many of which have been kind enough to leave me their feedback on my google review page after our photoshoot.

I’m so grateful to have over 200 – 5 star google reviews! Please feel free to read through and I hope this helps to give you a further feel of my sessions.

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