Newborn and Pregnancy Photographer Chelsea

Newborn and Pregnancy Photographer Chelsea

It is just the perfect day in London today. Feels like spring has finally Sprung!

I’m catching up on my editing and retouching work in the studio today. There is so much to be done, I’m working through my orders from all of my beautiful March photoshoots at the moment and preparing to add all of our Easter sessions.

I’m out on location for the rest of the week at photoshoots so today is my dedicated studio day. I like to make myself a cup of coffee or pukka detox tea, put the radio on and open the windows to let the fresh air rush in whilst I work. I have to make sure I dedicate a certain amount of time each week to orders and retouching. Like all working Mum’s it can be hard to find the right balance and the golden time when my two our at nursery and school has to be used as efficiently as possible.

With each image requiring special care and attention, orders do take time to prepare but I want the results to be perfect. Beautiful print quality and images that stand the test of time are what my Client’s have come to expect and our attention to details and high quality control is always maintained. I work closely with our dedicated team of printers, book makers and framers to ensure all products and images are perfect before dispatch.

Today I’m sharing  a few images from a gorgeous newborn photography session. I had the pleasure of returning to photograph this gorgeous little one following my pregnancy photoshoot with Mum & Dad at their home in Kensington & Chelsea. They have chosen to keep their pregnancy portraits private but are happy for me to share their newborn pictures with you. I work with lots of high profile & celebrity Client’s and my work from these photoshoots is private and very rarely available for viewing. Permission is always granted by my client’s for pictures shown on my website.

This little one was slightly older than my usual newborns but I love the results. He was super curious and awake at the start of the session but my white noise and warm posing station soon lulled him into a peaceful sleep.

Mum was from Russia and she wanted to incorporate one of her beautiful Russian hats. I love how he is stretched out and cosy on this one.

Thank you for all the lovely messages and enquiries following my appearance in “Born in Chelsea” . Where I can be seen photographing Bink Felstead  when she was pregnant with her daughter. Binky’s photoshoot took place at 37 weeks but I usually recommend maternity photoshoots for between 34-36 weeks. Just incase baby decides to arrive early! The newborn session will take place within the first three weeks. The date can be pre-booked if you are having a planned delivery or I will reserve a time period around your due date and wait for the news of your arrival!

For those of you who have emailed me for further details about my studio photoshoots (as the one shown for Binky) I will get back to you each in turn as soon as possible.  It has been incredibly busy and I’m working through all of your enquiries in turn. For now though I think you can still view the trailer on the Hello magzine website and see me pop up!

Elle x

Newborn and Pregnancy Photographer Chelsea