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Top 5 tips for Newborn Photography

Apr 7, 2024

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I’m pleased to be able to finally share my top 5 tips for newborn photography.

Tip 1 – Create a calm atmosphere

I know you might think this goes without saying but this is an essential part to every successful newborn photoshoot I do. It is not only important that you are calm and collected during the photoshoot. But also that you have the experience to be able to put your subjects at ease. Particularly looking after the new parents.

I always understand that my Client’s may be apprehensive about how their photoshoot will go. How their little one will be on the day and my job is to reassure and to help everything run smoothly.

The key is that with newborns you need to be flexible. Allow plenty of time and don’t rush anything. This will help the session flow in a stress free way with plenty of opportunity to capture many beautiful moments.

Top 5 tips for Newborn Photography

Tip 2 – Preparation for newborn photography

For a smooth and enjoyable newborn photoshoot preparations is key. Whether you are photographing in a studio or at your Client’s home. Make sure that you have everything you need prepared and ready the day before.

Blankets and props washed and ready and anything you have discussed with the family prepared and ready to use.

Providing some pre-photoshoot tips and advice to your Clients before so that they know what to expect and to help the prepare is something I have always done.

Newborn Photography

Tip 3 – Be Flexible

Newborn photoshoots don’t always run to plan. It’s important to use your experience to help settle the baby and to understand that each session can take more time that expected. Be adaptable and work around the family.

I often move between family shots and newborn shots depending on how the baby is at different stages. Their comfort is always more important than anything else and helping the baby to stay calm and content will help the flow of the session and result in beautiful photographs.

A top tip is that for newborns I only ever book one newborn photoshoot per day. This takes away time pressure.


Tip 3 – Detailed shots

Once you have baby settled create beautiful detailed, these add to the gallery of images and create wonderful interest and form an important memory for the parents.

I think it’s important to have a key shot list of images that you know your Client’s will love. I create this each time as well as trying new portraits for my Clients. Each photoshoot is as unique as the family you are photographing and the results are always surprising.

Tip 4 – Parent Portraits

It goes without saying that these are some of the most important images in the session. Allow plenty of time to create individual mother & baby and father & baby portraits.

There are many opportunities to capture these during a newborn photoshoot. I like to grab moments that aren’t planned such as when baby has just fed and is settling on Mums shoulder like this image below.

Parent Portraits
Tip 5 – Use white noise to help settle the baby

I use the Baby Shusher for every newborn photography session I do. I put this on when I am changing the position of the baby and just to help keep baby calm. I have to say it also has a calming effect on everyone as we all struggle to stay awake once the shusher is switched on.

I’ve lost count of the number of times parents have ordered one of these during my photoshoots. It is just another element to help calm the baby and to ensure they are comfortable.

Baby photography

I hope you found some of these simple guidelines useful. Newborn photography is also something that is very instinctive to me and with over 13 years experience photographing babies and families much of this just comes naturally. If you enjoy working with children and babies it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

With time your experience, ability and confidence will grow. It is essential that you follow careful training and have a good understanding of newborns and how to safely care for them and position them before you begin.

You may also find my FAQ section helpful and also my T&C’s if you would like more booking details

For these top 5 newborn photography tips I have chosen images from one session to show the variety created.

All of my newborn photography sessions take place in my Client’s homes and I bring my studio, lighting and a selection of handmade baby outfits and props with me to each session.

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