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Newborn Baby Photographer Dulwich

As it is close to Easter I thought I would share this darling picture of a newborn baby girl with my little hand knitted bunny! Isn’t it sweet the way her face is turned upwards towards the bunny, as if she is about to give him a little kiss or share a secret or two!

I believe that newborn photography should be simple and natural. I tend not to use too many props in my photographs but I’m not against a sweet little hat, headband or sweet little toy to add to the image. In this case it’s a little bunny! I have a suitcase of newborn accessories that I bring to each photoshoot. Everything I use is handmade and made with the softest, gentlest wools to ensure comfort for your newborn. many of you ask where I buy my wonderful outfits and little toys and I’m happy to be able to share the details with you! I can’t recommend her enough! Everything I use is from the wonderful and very talented Knitlandia

Please do check out her Etsy page. Each item is handmade to order so you do have to wait whilst she works her magic. It’s well worth the wait!

The start of this year has been incredible. I can’t believe how many babies I have already photographed and we are only a quarter through the year! I will be sharing more on my blog and instagram / facebook pages when I have a few moments. I’m incredibly grateful to the families I have met so far. It is wonderful to be invited into their homes at such a special time. Here are a few of the kind words I’ve received so far this year: Elle Fallon Reviews

Thank you for looking, I hope to meet you & your family soon!

Wishing you all a very happy Spring break!

Elle x

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