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Newborn Photography in Greenwich

There are so many beautiful moments of calm during a newborn photography session. This picture sums those moments up perfectly for me. Also how these precious moments as a parent feel. You wait for ages (or so it feels!) for your newborn to finally rest their weary eyes and then when they do fall asleep you spend that time staring in awe at them or looking through photographs of them. They are just too precious and to quote another parent recently “newborns are pure magic!”

This picture with the two little teddy bears reminds me of a story book. It’s as if they are going on an adventure together. Of course Michale Rosens classic “We’re going on a bear hunt” springs to mind! I read this countless times with my children over the years and sang it as we walked through parks, woods and holding their little hands as they skipped along the wall. the most beautiful memories that will stay in my heart always. Which is why I entitled this picture ‘Bear Hunt’ on my Elle_Fallon instagram page. Do head over there to see some recent pictures from this and many other newborn photoshoots. I would love to receive your comments and please do follow me for more up to date work.

I can imaging this picture in a beautiful frame on the nursery wall or lovingly displayed in his Grandparents homes. Passed down to future generations and treasured by his parents forever. I’m so happy I was able to capture it for them.

As a London photographer I’m used to travelling to all corners of London and even some parts of Surrey & Kent. I do love south East London though which has been my home for over 20 years since I first moved to this beautiful city from the tiny far away Isle of the Isle of Wight. With Greenwich as one of my absolute favourite corners for a multitude of reasons that those who love Greenwich will know! One of the main reasons is of course the endless days I have spent there with my own children. Exploring the parks, soaking in the history and meeting with friends & families. I don’t think I could ever tire of Greenwich.

As I’m always travelling through different parts of London to visit the families I photograph, I do also get to explore a little. After 11 years of family photography I feel I know lots of corners and pockets of this incredible city. Aren’t we lucky that with every turn we feel we are walking the steps of so many great people before us. With each cobbled street and building telling a story of past travellers, writers, artists, photographers, families, traders and explorers! I could get lost in this city for hours and have done and hope to continue to do so.

I wonder what the adventures of this little one will bring!

Bear Hunt

For newborn photography bookings I recommend contacting me as soon as possible after your 20 week scan. I can then make sure that I reserve a space for you around your due date. There are occasionally last minute spaces available so if your baby has already arrived please do get in touch. Contact me via my booking page and I’d be happy to help

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