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Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London

Jul 6, 2021

Tiny details and perfect toes – Newborn Photography in London – aren’t tiny newborn feet, toes, hands, fingers, ears, noses, eyelashes and lips beautiful! As a new Mum I would stare endlessly at my little ones perfect features. Marvelling at how I had spent 9 months making this incredible new person inside me.

I love capturing these little details in my newborn photography sessions. For this picture I asked Mum & Dad to gently cup their new babies feet inside their hands. ” Like a clam ” I said and that’s how this shot feels to me. Like a protective shell around the babies little toes. I love the detailing of mums blouse in this picture, I can visualise it mounted and framed on their wall. Pride of place, nestled amoung their other precious memories.

I have a few detailed shots like these that I took of my children’s hands and feet that I love to look back at. I took numerous shots of my daughters feet over the years. How they dangled from the chair and got closer to the floor with each passing year. Now they are firmly on the ground. How did that happen! From small little dolly shoes chosen by me to the on trend trainer she chooses now for herself. I am journeying as a parent and holding close my precious memories whilst making sure I cherish the now. As we grow s a family and change shape constantly. The pictures I will look back at with her often.

My son still seems small to me at only 6 years old. He is the baby of the family but already fiercely independent! Isn’t it wonderful seeing the personalities of your children develop? Part of the gift of being a parent.

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For the families I photograph I want to capture all of these feelings for them. I try to do it every time! I also love to get to know them during their sessions and add a little of them into each picture.

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Tiny details and perfect toes - Newborn Photography in London


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