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My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst

Jul 7, 2021

My two little superstars – Childrens Portrait Photographer in Chislehurst – With everything that has happened over the past year and a half I find myself feeling very grateful. For everything, especially my two little superstar children! I have mentioned our lockdown photoshoots before and I thought I would share one of my favourite moments. I set up my beautiful home studio in my own home this time to capture some portraits of my children.

This photograph means so much to me. It completely sums up their relationship in one beautiful, fun and happy portrait. A simple moment, a split second actually! When my son playfully jumped onto his sisters back in a fit of giggles! I have loved watching their relationship blossom over the years. How gently nurturing and encouraging my daughter is with her younger brother. She has taught him so much and especially over the past year the art of playing creatively. She has always been able to make a game out of nothing or the most unexpected objects! You can spend a fortune on toys but ultimately children will play with the simplest of things. It is always amazing to see what truly captures their imagination and lasts the playtime of their childhood.

For me this picture captures their energy and it will always be displayed in our home. It makes me smile every time I walk past it. It brings me so much happiness! Reminding me of the importance of taking family portraits and the love that these pictures bring into the heart of the home.

Today I am preparing for a newborn photoshoot in Lewisham, South East London. My other home! Both of my children were born at Lewisham hospital which is hugely significant for me. I didn’t grow up in Lewisham, on the contrary I grew up on the very small little southern Island – The Isle of Wight.

However my Mum is a Londoner and her parents, my Grandparents were from Catford and Lewisham. They even got married in a beautiful church in Catford which is sadly no longer there. I often think of the passing of time and how we have come full circle. My Grandparents – Great grandchildren being born and growing up in South East London. I wish they were here to see us. my Grandad was a great pianist and used to play the london pubs on a Friday night. Proper Londoners by all accounts and what I wouldn’t give to go back in time to witness this! We do have some photographs though which have frozen a part of our family history in time.

This is one of amoung many reasons family photographs are important to me. I could go on! But for now I must get ready to leave for my next photoshoot.

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