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Children’s portrait Photographer London

Mar 19, 2021

Children’s Portrait Photographer London

Even though I have entitled this post Children’s Portrait Photographer London. This picture was actually taken during a pregnancy photoshoot in Kensington.

And what a wonderful treat it was to photograph this lovely young gentleman and his sister. Their Mum told me that she hadn’t had maternity pictures when she was expecting her first two children. She had also missed out on newborn pictures after their births. For this reason, it was very important to her that she captured her third pregnancy and the arrival of the newest member to their family with special family portraits.

This can so often be the case and I can relate to this. When you are expecting your first baby, the list of things to think about is endless. Sometimes you forget to capture what is truly a special time. This is why it is wonderful for me when I am asked to photograph a second, third, fourth or even fifth pregnancy!  Each pregnancy is truly unique and there is always a multitude of reasons why my clients have chosen to capture that special time.

When there are older children it is wonderful to include them in the photoshoot. After all, it is about connecting the whole family. During every photoshoot I do I will always make time for individual portraits.

After our pregnancy photoshoot, I returned to photograph their beautiful new baby brother! What a treat for me! There are so many that I love from these photoshoots that I will no doubt share some more soon. If you would like to see some I have actually already added a few to my Instagram page. If you would like to follow me you can do so here 

I generally update my social media pages a little more frequently as it is quicker to do so when I’m on the go!

Taking Children’s Portraits

When you take a portrait there is always an important connection between the photographer and the person they are photographing. With children I always want them to feel happy and relaxed. It comes across so much better in the photographs when the smile isn’t forced. This is why I chat a lot before the session, whilst I’m setting up etc. I try to engage with them straight away and to work out what makes them happy. It is very funny to think of some of the conversations I have had! Perhaps one day I’ll make a book of them. “Conversations with a Children’s Photographer!”

There is nothing better than getting to know young people or returning for a future photoshoot and being greeted like an old friend! I am so grateful for all of these moments. It is a gift to get to meet so many families across London, Surrey & Kent.

I like to create natural portraits, pictures that capture in an instant something of that person. It’s wonderful when it happens. There is no one who knows their children better than the parents. This is why I always provide a good selection of portraits in the viewing gallery. The final edit and choices are always made by the family. There will be something, a certain smile, a look, a giggle that instantly connects them to the portrait. That’s what makes it special.


Children's Portrait Photographer London

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