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Children’s Portrait Photographer

Feb 15, 2021

Children’s Portrait Photographer

I love working as a children’s portrait photographer and returning to photograph families year after year. This beautiful picture was taken at a newborn photoshoot for her baby brother. It is the third time I have been happily invited to photograph them at their home in Islington.

Each time is a wonderful celebration of the new addition to their family. The pictures I have taken over the years are lovingly displayed around their home. Providing the sweetest reminder for them to cherish.

The children greeted me with bright smiles and much excitement with the eldest remembering me from the last time. He had many questions and wanted to help me set up! Arriving with my portable studio provides a great adventure for the day. The photoshoot is as much about creating happy memories of the day and experience as the beautiful pictures that follow. I like to keep everything relaxed and fun. My approach is to gently encourage them to want to participate. There is no rush or time pressure, I like to allow children to play, dress up and dance around as much as possible. Things can get a little hectic but it all adds to capturing special moments and their true personalities.

I love the positioning of her arms in this picture and the gentle contemplation on her face. A thoughtful & natural portrait that captures her at this tender age. I have many beautiful shots of them together and some capture that childhood energy in one shot! I’ve added a few more to my instagram

Please do stop by to have a look for more examples of recent work. You will find this page is regularly updated with pictures from recent photoshoots.

Childhood Portraits

I am currently taking 2021 provisional bookings for the Spring with dates from April onwards. If you would like to discuss your photoshoot with me please contact me via my booking page

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